Types of Digital Art in Contemporary World

Art as an integral part of human civilization and human existence cannot be diminished into something that is a trivial part of human life. One of the greatest philosophers in the golden age even presented a ground-breaking idea, that somehow if artists and art expressions disappear in the world, then altogether human societies and civilization will ultimately crumble in the process, which just shows how important art is in everyday human life.

Ever since we have opened and realized our consciousness, we have immediately part ways with the animal thought process and embraced the civilized mindset and thinking and almost instantly together with that is that we have expressed our primal desire to express artistically.

That is why even as late as the Paleozoic era, we have seen evidences of cave paintings and other oriental things that people used to wear. And because of these facts, we can safely say that art is as important as life. As a discipline in and of itself, art also needs to evolve together with the times. Here is an example of art forms in the contemporary world.

3D Animation

One of the most sought-after fields in art schools today is the 3D animation course. This type of field in art utilized computer imagery and computer programs to create movement and motion in the subject. This also creates the small detailed motions in animated movies that we are watching today. The field of 3D animation has finally attained the attention it deserved.

Digital Painting

Digital painting uses the basic methods in painting but rather than a brush and an actual paint, digital painting uses computer programs such as Photoshop to paint and create images in the computer screen. Digital painting skills are also one of the best skills to develop since a lot of methods and artistic outputs can be achieved if one knows how to paint in digital format. One can see more here that the artistic skills can be utilized in not just one area in art.

Computer Generated Painting

This type of art is basically letting the computer generate the strokes and lines that is done in a digital canvas. What happens with Computer-generated painting is that the computers and its programs are actually programmed and coded in danced to predict shapes, shade, and strokes which gives the idea that the computer itself can generate images and paintings that it generated on its own. But the truth is since these are already coded and programmed, it does not make it fully computer automated and created.

Data Mosaic

This method utilized various images from the computer or from the web, given that it is free to be used, and then these images are collated together in a digital canvass to create an artwork that evokes the same feeling of positivity and beauty to the beholder. Data mosaic is just like art mosaic but it just uses digital images for its elements. But eh output is not of lower quality than that of a real-life art mosaic.

All in all, art revolves and evolve around human experience, thus each art form or method is not less or more than the other.