Choosing a Dress for Formal Events

Dresses are a common piece in every woman’s wardrobe but they come in countless designs with various patterns on them. So, when it comes to choosing the right dress for a formal event, there are few things that you need to consider. This includes choosing the right dress type, size and even considering the dress code restrictions. Take a look at the following tip to see how you can choose the perfect dress for formal events.

What is Your Budget?

Setting up a budget will help you to narrow down the number of choices you will see once you start shopping. Also, it will also help you to shop without straining your wallet. Remember that once you have the dress, you may or may not have to buy other accessories too. So, make sure to have a limit or a price range for your dress expenses. Your budget will also help you to narrow down the places you can visit and give you a less complex shopping experience.

Where and How to Shop

A formal event means you are dressing to impress. This means your dress has to be perfect in not just the appearance but also the fit. So, when you are shopping, always remember to try them on.  It is always advisable to not online shop.

However, if you are confident about the sizes, and have the ways to alter it yourself for small fittings here and there, then it is fine to shop your dress online. Search some good online dress stores or store websites before settling on one. You can check Scanlan & Theodore silk dresses if you are looking for elegant dresses that would make a statement.


Picking a colour will help you when you start shopping. Is there a colour you always wanted to wear? Or do you have a pair of new diamond earrings that you wish to match with your dress? What colour would suit your skin the best? Think of each of these factors to help you come up with a dress colour. Your colour might also change if the even has a colour themed dress code. So, make sure to read your invitation before you start shopping.

What Is the Event?

Depending on the event type, you will have to change your dress style. For example, if the event has dancing and a lot of mingling, make sure your dress allows you easy movement. If the event is during the day, you can choose subtle patterns and neutral shades.

Night would allow you bolder choices so save details such as sequins or glitter for that. First, find whether the event is black-tie, resort formal, semi-formal, and business formal or cocktail. This detail will likely be on the invitation too, or will be informed to you by the host of the event.  Each of these events has a different type of attire required to them.

Remember that whatever you wear creates the first impression when you arrive at the venue. So, make your choice wisely when shopping.