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These latest group of sculptures, are experimental and like previous work acknowledge my textile/embroidery background. For me it is this combination of textile practices ie wrapping, stitching and collaging onto the clay that adds to the richness and variety of surface; providing visual reference points and a familiarity for the viewer sometimes enabling new understandings, evoking memory and forging a new dialogue.

My drawings and sculptures are a vehicle to reflect upon what it is to be human; seeking connections, testing resilience, acknowledging frailties – hence the importance of life drawing to my practice and the endless possibilities presented within this paradigm. The origins of the characters that populate my work all begin during life drawing sessions. Sometimes I will be very excited when I finish a drawing knowing that I have something to build on – other times I come away feeling very dejected that I haven’t managed to capture a fleeting look or form. My studio is littered with this detritus – but it is this very existence that generates the next image.

I am not particularly interested in an academic transcription – drawings that I love describe a feeling, evoke a response or excite the imagination I want there to be a conversation about what is happening below the surface (real or imagined) – the body experienced from within and definitely not as object to be critically viewed and perhaps improved upon.  Beauty radiates irrespective of the age or gender of the model.

Time spent in the life drawing studio is slowed – it allows a space for gentle observations and connections to be made; journeying through a human landscape – a stilled life – a distilled experience that is offered/proffered by the model. And as Malbert says ‘there are things that can be said about the human condition in a drawing that cannot be expressed in any other way’ (1)

My drawings and sculptures form the basis of a much larger conversation; experienced through marks revealed across the surface, utterances that can be swift and staccato in sound and rhythm or fluid and generous in their tone and substance and form.

  1. Robert Malbert, Drawing People – the human figure in contemporary art, Phaidon Press 2015 page 10



Associate Diploma Visual Arts (Textiles) – Brisbane CAE 1983

Bachelor of Arts (Art and Architectural History) – Deakin University 1992

Graduate Cert. Special Education – Flinders University 2000
Associate Degree MultiMedia – Charles Sturt University 2002

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 portraits from an ordinary life Anthea Polson Art  (Feb)
2017 folly of angels and other stories Bird Gallery Melbourne (Sept.)
2015 Roma Regional Gallery  with David Green

2013 Song of the Siren Rosebed st Gallery Eudlo with David Green

2013 drawer(n) from life  Noosa Regional Gallery April/May 2013

2008 memory of being  Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery
Selected  Finalist Art Prizes / Exhibition

2017     Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing PLC Sydney NSW
Lethbridge 10,000 Small works Art prize  Brisbane
Moreton Bay Art Award 2D   Highly Commended

2016     JADA Drawing Prize Grafton NSW  touring
Lethbridge 10,000  Brisbane QLD
Moreton Bay Art Award 2d and 3d sections

2015     Moreton Bay Art Award 3D

            Lethbridge 10,000 Small Works Brisbane

2014     Moreton Bay Art Prize
Gold Coast International Ceramics Award QLD (Sept.)
‘Ignition’ Ceramic Award Sunshine Coast  Qld

2013     Wilson Art Prize, Northern Rivers NSW
Kenilworth Art Prize (final 15) QLD
Moreton Bay Art Prize 2D  Pine Rivers QLD

2012     Moreton Bay Art Award 2D and 3D sections QLD

            Xstrata Portrait Prize, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville QLD
Judges Selection Touring Xstrata Portrait Award, Mt Isa QLD
Wangaratta Petite Textile Exhibition, Wangaratta VIC
ArtFelt Art Prize Ballina NSW
‘Ignition’ Ceramic Prize, Sunshine Coast , QLD

2011     Gold Coast Art Prize (Duke Art Award), Gold Coast QLD

Waterhouse Art Prize, Museum of South Australia

(Highly Commended and touring to National Archives Museum Canberra)

Moreton Bay Regional Art Award 2D and 3D sections Queensland
Prometheus Art Award, All Saints Anglican College Queensland
Toorak Village Sculpture Award Melbourne Victoria
Noosa Travelling Scholarship Sculpture Award Queensland
Wangaratta Textile Art Award Wangaratta Regional Gallery Victoria


Recent Group Exhibitions:

2016     Seven  ArtNow -Gallery Berlin November
Next Generation’ Anthea Polson Art Gold Coast April
Polson Melbourne Art week , Menzies Auction Rooms Melbourne February
Anthea Polson ‘Miniatures Exhiition”Gold Coast
Loss Reverence and Longing Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery
Matchbox Birthday Exhibition Brisbane
2014     “miniatures” Anthea Polson Christmas Show Gold Coast QLD
Sketchbook Exhibition Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga (September)
Urban Amazons and other eclecticities Tusk Gallery Melbourne
2013     Two Dozen – Rosebed Street Gallery Sunshine Coast QLD
Smalls – Rosebed Street Gallery Sunshine Coast QLD
2012     Melbourne Affordable Art Fair (Art Piece Gallery)
Dare to do Square’ Pine Rivers Regional Gallery Brisbane QLD


Siena Institute of Art, Italy, National Fibre Collection Tamworth NSW

Private collections Australia , United Kingdom ,Hong Kong, New Zealand, Bahrain
and Hong Kong


 veronica in the studio

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