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“Be as you are–there is no objective reality, everything is a subjective dream”

Lawyer-turned-artist Selva Veeriah is pursuing his artistic passion. Malaysian-born Veeriah graduated as a barrister in the United Kingdom and practised law in Malaysia and Australia. Now, he is back to his first love producing happy and colourful semi-abstract paintings. Each artwork is made intuitively without any pre-planning or sketching. He starts with a simple idea and allows the paintings to develop on their own. Veeriah never knows how his paintings are going to turn out and is at ease being the painter and a spectator at the same time. Veeriah’s artistic passion is woven into the journey of rediscovering his true self.

Veeriah has this to say about his artworks:

“All my paintings are made intuitively and naturally with regard to choice of colours, brush strokes, and composition. The design and patterns are sourced from imagination. There is no preplanning, as I don’t do sketches or undertake preliminary colour studies. I start with a blank canvas and let the ideas flow. Occasionally, a painting might be prompted by something observed, for example, an artwork, pattern, or technique. 

My methodology evolves from time to time. Presently, I start with a foundation of abstract expressionist work and build on it. The trees, birds, and patterns are painted freehand. I draw outlines on the canvas whilst the painting is in progress for symmetry and balance. There is usually a lot going on somewhere midstream before the process of elimination takes over.”

I never know how a painting is going to turn out until it nears the final stages. I know the work is finished when the composition, colours, and values reach a certain dynamic balance that feels complete. A small shift occurs in the look and feel of my paintings after three or four consecutive pieces.”



Featured in Artfinder ‘(London) –  ‘Art of the Day’ Dec ’15

Featured in Artfinder (London) – Blog & Newsletter, Nov ’15

Featured in Kathleen Keegel Children’s Fund (2016 calendar)

Featured in newspaper article – Star Metro (Malaysia) Aug ’15

Featured in Artfinder (London) – Newsletter, May ’15

Featured in newspaper article (Kew, Melbourne) Apr ’15

Featured in Artfinder (London) –  ‘Art of the Day’ Aug ’14




Exhibition, Parallax (13) Art Fair, London, Jul ’15

Exhibition (Solo), Bird’s Gallery, Kew, (Melbourne), Apr ’15

Exhibition (Group), Gallery #9, Johnston St. (Melbourne.), Dec ’14

Exhibition at South Yarra Apartments (Melbourne,), Aug ’14 to Apr 15



Solicitor, Victoria, Australia (2006)

Advocate & Solicitor, Malaysia (1993)

Barrister-at-law, England & Wales (Lincoln’s Inn) (1991)

University of Leicester (UK) L.L.B. (Hons) – 1987 to 1990

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