Selva Veeriah | 9-26 November

9-26 November 2017 
Exhibition Opening Saturday 11 November
2-4 pm. Join us for opening drinks !
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Selva I S233 (2016) AOC  51x51x3.8 small

Born 1968, Malaysia

Selva Veeriah is a self-taught abstract painter living and working in Melbourne for the past decade. He was born in Penang and grew up in the rich tradition of a Malaysian-Indian heritage. He left a career in law to follow his childhood passion for painting.

The body of work –  which comprises paintings, musings, and poems – questions whether the human experience is objectively real or merely an illusion of the mind. The colourful and playful artworks capture moments in time along the inward journey. Selva’s works are exhibited regularly and held in private collections.

 Artist Statement

‘My work is directed at the perennial conundrum “Who am I?” in the context of my own existence and experiences. With each introspection, I delve a little deeper into the nature of consciousness, mind, and ego. The resulting insights peel away misconceptions and increase inner peace.’

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