SALLY STOKES paintings 4-25 February

SALLY STOKES | Moods of the River | 4-25 February 2017 
Exhibition Opening Saturday 4th February 2-4 pm.
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“The river calls me, with its ever changing lights, its unpredictable streams of colour across its surface, the weather reflected in its long history in the trees the rocks and the changes they reflect. The mud flats, where the tides show their continuity and the underworld. The crab sounds,the fish jump, the birds fly and land.Splash! Another pattern to observe.Rain falls as I glide a canoe, a pattern of dots. Clouds cover the sun, water changes colour. A boat that passed ten minutes before leaves a track on the water.

Middens line the foreshore: people have lived and loved and died in this area for generations and generations. The patterns: in the water, in the varied shaped hills that line this river, the sky, in the trees and rocks within the hills. The textures of different trees, angophoras, banksias and rocks and grasses, and the ever moving skies all move me inside the experience and then beyond.” Sally Stokes


Elisabeth Cummings talk at Sally Stokes Opening: “It’s all about the colour”

It is a great pleasure to walk into this space and experience the vibrancy of Sally’s paintings. “It’s all about the colour”- Sally sees colour in a unique way in the landscapes she loves. She is a risk taker with colour- I delighted in the surprises- often she will juxtapose a jangle of colours against the open and quieter spaces. She finds the links between the large forms and the calligraphy that interrupts them. The paintings have many moods- they can be playful and light hearted- they can be more sombre and reflective. They are subtle and raw at the same time and each painting deserves one’s full attention. Fairweather said “Painting to me is quiet a mystery- I just work at it” and “Painting to me is something of a tightrope act, it is between representation and the other thing- whatever that is.” I’m sure Sally would agree with him. As Tony suggests- painting is a form of meditation and Sally has spent time in the landscapes that engage her meditating, sometimes through the many drawings she does and then again alone in the studio immersing herself in the translations of what she has seen. It is 10 years since Sally last showed in a gallery. She has been drawing and painting steadily over these 10 years and the paintings shown here are just a fraction of what she has produced. Thank you Tony for making this happen. May there be many more shows. These paintings lift the spirits. They are alive. Thank you Sally.

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Stokes 'Beyond the pattern' oil on linen 76x102cm
  “Beyond the Pattern” oil on linen | 76 x 102 cm


Stokes 'And the island moves' oil on linen  92x92cm
“And the Island Moves” oil on linen | 92 x 92 cm


Stokes 'Hills to the river' oil on linen 76x102cm
 ”Hills to the River” oil on linen | 76 x 102 cm


Stokes 'Snake Island' oil on linen 100x100cm
 ”Snake Island”  oil on linen | 100 x 100 cm


Stokes 'the conversation' oil on linen 51x61cm
 ”The Conversation” oil on linen | 51 x 61 cm


Stokes 'Within the mark' oil on linen 76x102cm
 ”Within The Mark” oil on linen | 76 x 102 cm

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