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Radu Dimitriu
Born: Iasi, Romania (1951)

Artist Statement

I began expressing my creativity at a very young age through the forms of drawing and colouring.

When I was 14 years old I found an oak leaf in autumn. Using a simple background to highlight the symbolic shape, I mounted it onto blue fabric and framed it.

At high school, after games of soccer with friends, instead of  doing my homework I would spend my time studying artists and replicating works of Paul Klee, Gauguin and Matisse.

I produced my first oil painting at 26. It was a view of a courtyard monastery where my wife had once lived with her mother.

In 1980 immigrating to Australia with my wife and three young daughters and beginning life in a foreign country with a new language was difficult.  Art was a lesser priority during this era of my life.

In 1990 I began sculpting with wood, the soft texture and earthy aroma stimulating my creativity.

In 2010 at Federation Square I saw “A Miniature Sculpture Exhibition” by the artist Robert Klypel. That, for me, was the starting point of this series of sculptures

In February 2011 I happened to open and take apart a laptop computer, and since then I’ve had an obsession with the amazing, beautiful parts in hard drives, monitors, “Playstation” boxes and printers …For many years I had been searching for something new and original to use to create art and now I found it.

Elements and parts of this modern technology form the base of “Miniature Sculptures”. My artwork is presenting the Interconnection between Art, Architecture and life…





Radu Dimitriu
Born: Iasi, Romania (1951)

Participating Art Shows / Galleries

1979       Austria – St. Georgen in Attergau (paintings)                                              Solo Show

1981       Perth – Subiaco Town Hall (paintings)                                                          Group Show

1991       “Open Space” Gallery – Hampton Victoria (paintings, mirrors)             Group Show

1991       “Roar 2 Gallery” – Fitzroy (paintings)                                                           Group Show

1994       Fitzroy Garden Show (Herald Sun)                                                                Group Show

1994       Migrant Resource Centre – St. Kilda (paintings and furniture)             Group Show

1995       National Gallery of Victoria (sculpture)                                                        Group Show
Organised by Migrant Resource Centre

1996       “Steps Gallery” – Carlton (painting)                                                               Group Show

1998       Own Gallery: “Studio 282” – Highett                                                              Group and Solo Shows
2001       (sculpture and paintings)

2000       City of Kingston Town Hall (painting)                                                           Group Show

2003       “Dante’s Gallery” – Fitzroy (sculpture)                                                         Group Show

2003       “Manyung Gallery” – Mornington (sculpture)                                             Group Show         

2008       Bay City Council – Sandringham (sculpture)                                               Group Show

2008       “Highway Gallery” – Mt. Waverly (sculpture)                                             Group Show

2011       “Navelle Byrne Gallery” – Kew           

2016       “Bird’s Gallery”  -Kew ( Recent sculptures)                                                  Solo Show                                                                                        




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