Nikai Van Garderen-Biography

Born 8 February 1973



2010 “Hollows and Horizons”, Solo show, 4walls Gallery, Melbourne

2010 “Land Sea and Sky” group show, Greenwood Gallery

2010  “6”,group show ,Collingwood Gallery

2009 “Natural Selection”, group show, Greenwood gallery.

2008 “Introduction”, preented by Joseph Marzi, Greenwood Gallery

2008 “Scura”, Solo exhibition, Glitch Gallery Melbourne.

2008 “Tempus” with Daniel Rigos, Port Art Melbourne

2007 “Arcadia, Eden and 10 k’s out of Bendigo”, solo show, Birds Gallery, Kew, Melbourne

2007 Group exhibition, 45 Downstairs, Melbourne

2006 Group exhibition, Pivotal Galleries, Melbourne

2005 Sophia Mundi Art Prize, Melbourne

2004 The ANL Art Prize, Melbourne

2003 The ANL Art Prize, Melbourne

1999-2003 Regularly exhibiting banners and street art in Melbourne

1997-1998 Charles st, Melbourne (private showing with Josef Marzi)

1995 Solo exhibition, Polymorph Galleries, Newtown, Sydney

1994 Group exhibition, The Gunnery, Woolloomooloo, Sydney

1993 Group exhibition, 10 Taylor Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney

1992 Cell Block Gallery NASA, Darlinghurst, Sydney

1991 Cell Block Gallery NASA, Darlinghurst, Sydney



Glenaeon Rudolph Steiner School

–          Art

–          Photography

–          Ceramics/pottery


National Arts School of Australia

Major – Painting

Minor – Sculpture


Chris Van Otterloo

–          Etching technique



David Hatton

–          Watercolor

–          Pastels


Jeff Makin

–   Life drawing



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