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Ngaio Lenz

Ngaio is an abstract and installation artist with a Masters of Contemporary Art from UTAS. She has recently moved to Melbourne and works from a studio space at Gasworks Art Park in Albert Park. She has lived most of her life in Queensland and her practice has been largely shaped by her beach lifestyle, fossicking and collecting of objects both discarded by humans and created by nature.

She has held numerous exhibitions both in Queensland and in Melbourne, and has works held in private collections and corporate spaces.

Ngaio has been battling breast cancer since 2013, and has only this year again discovered that she has secondary breast cancer in the liver. She has not let this slow her art practice, and continues to paint almost daily in her studio.


NGAIO LENZ artist’s statement:

Responding to weathered surfaces that reveal a sense of history, my work explores the beauty of the well–worn surface.

The works are an attempt to locate poetry in the relationships, combinations and interactions of materials and physical elements. Informed by natural process, weather, time, cause and effect, my works celebrate an aesthetic of imperfection. For me there is integrity in the rawness of a material in its most exposed state, and a truth and connection in a surface that has revealed its many layers.

It is the removal and stripping back of layers that has become the integral part of my process, allowing truths to be exposed, as the surfaces reveal themselves.

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