Min Simankevicius

DOB: 14/05/1956
Studied Film and television, Electronic Music composition, Graphic design and Illustration.
Works in computer graphics and multi­‐media.
Began photography in 2002

Group shows:
Olive Cotton Award 2006 – Tweed River Art Gallery
Gene Pool: Nov14-­‐Dec8 2007 -­‐ DNA Gallery
Sun Show 2008 – DNA Gallery
PI&SR Art & Photography Show Mar 2011
Group Show 2013 – Seafarers Mission Gallery
Olive Cotton Award 2013 – Tweed River Art Gallery
2-­‐man Show 2015 – Porthole Gallery

Solo shows:
Lithuanian Artists of Australia: Dec 1996
Our Digital Landscape: May 2005 -­‐ Newport SubStation
Trunk: Oct 10-­‐Nov11 2008 – DNA Gallery
Bush and Beach: Feb 11 2010 – Birds Gallery
Burning Bush | Whispering Pines: May 14-­‐Jun 1 2013 – Birds Gallery
Trees of Boroondara: Mar 4-­‐Mar29 2014 – Town Hall Gallery (Hawthorn)

Prizes / Selections:
Winner Lithuanian/Australian Drawing Prize 1996
Olive Cotton Award 2006 – selected for show
Bronze Awards – Epson Pano Awards 2011
Bronze and Silver Awards – Epson Pano Awards 2012
Olive Cotton Award 2013 – selected for show


Artist’s Statement

In looking at landscapes I have always admired the way the drama of the ever-­changing landscape evolves over time ­‐ with the shifting of light, the effect of wind, the viewing of different points of perspective. I am not content to capture one frozen moment alone but am driven to find a way of expressing the shift of time and place in that one image (without resorting to video or moving records).

Photography is generally lauded with the honour of a single “click” and what is captured in that brief moment, yet seeing the work of David Hockney and his photo-­collages opened a whole new arena of capturing a landscape for me.

My images are a combination of many photos, taken from slightly varying angles and of course, across a short period of time. The combination of these many impressions create a juxtaposition of parts that make a whole, yet show the parts in various aspects of viewing. Clouds drift, tree limbs move, the cliche is no longer.

These images are far from collages, as they are not assembled from varied images, but assembled from aspects of the same image.

Min Simankevicius, July 6, 2015


Min Simankevicius in 2012

I began working with photographic images around 2002.

Having only a small 3.1 megapixel camera (an early Sony cybershot with a generous lens), I found that the amount of detail in one image was far from enough, and as it was an auto exposure, it would expose for either the bright or the dark in a scene and kill the opposite. So I began to take individual pictures of the one scene, exposing for the relevant light .

My first completed image was of the Oyster Shack at Pambula inlet which comprised of over 120 images which were carefully stitched by hand over the next 3 nights. A remarkable image (over 2.4metres long) of sharp detail resulted (see below) and this began a passion for large formatted images of our wonderful Australian landscape. In particular, my attention was drawn to non-commercial and non-stereotypical scenes, quiet and reflective ideas, our wonderful gum trees and how they fit into our environment, built and natural.

The “Bush Series” at the Birds Gallery is photographic at its foundation level, but with intense scrutiny to the natural colour depth of the photos. By enlarging the colour values to a point of exaggeration, they reveal a spectrum and intensity inherent in the original photograph but with wonderful results.

Oyster Shack

Pambula Oyster Shack ~study in light and shade: size 240cm x 97cms


Using the same camera, many scenes were collected over the next few months before I realised that the need for a higher resolution lens was paramount and after clicking the Cybershot to death, a true Canon lens system came into being.

One of the last of the Cybershot range was this panorama of Melbourne’s view over the railyards, Yarra River and Southern suburbs:

3200mm x 1400mm

Rivers of Steel – Melbourne’s southern spread: 3200 x 1400mm


More imagery, please refer to http://www.dnagallery.com.au






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