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Artist Statement

My current body of work is a tribute to the land and place I call home. It is here that I am able to breathe and feel alive.  Inspiration comes from my rural environment at Bungowannah where the ever changing seasons influence the visual splendor of the Murray River as it meanders along the NSW and Victorian border.

Working in my studio painting and drawing imagery that is gathered from my observations and experiences whilst living and working on my family’s property are part of my everyday art practice. I enjoy exploring the bush and open farmlands, hills, gullies, tree lines and water courses making quick sketches as I go.  Glimpses of scenery are broken down, reworked and transformed into shapes, patterns, varied textures and mark making forming the base for my reconstructed landscapes.

My art is how I connect emotionally, spiritually and physically with the world. I am compelled to express and interpret what I see. In the act of creating I feel a sense of calm and find peace.


Lizabeth Souness was born in 1969 in Victoria. She has lived in many parts of Australia including Tasmania, the Pilbara in Western Australia and now the Riverina in NSW.  Understandably the various characteristics of every landscape have left an indelible imprint on her psyche which in turn affects her paintings.

Predominantly a contemporary painter, she describes her work as a form of abstracted record keeping and story telling.

Recognised as being gifted at an early age she was accepted into the special arts program for gifted and talented at the well respected Applecross SHS in Perth Western Australia.

Completing her formal art studies in 2013, she has since participated in artist workshops with Idris Murphy, Jo Davenport and Linda Fish.

Recently, Lizabeth was a selected finalist in the 2017, 70th Mosman Art Prize judged by Kirsten Paisley, Deputy Director of the National Gallery of Australia.

Lizabeth exhibits regularly and her works are held in corporate and private collections.

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