Kirsten Bresciani Biography


PortraitShape Kirsten Bresciani is a Melbourne photographer.  She has lived and worked in London, UK and San Francisco, USA for much of the past decade. In this time she

has worked with and assisted leading still life, food, interior and lifestyle photographers on projects for Wallpaper Magazine, Ministry of Sound, Living Etc, New London Review, Homes and Gardens and Conde Nast.

 She has also worked on a number of projects for restaurants including those for Mark Sargeant of Claridges and Peter Gordon of Providores in London.  During this time Kirsten has also worked on her own editorial and artistic projects in photography – projects that have taken her around the world from Patagonia in South America, to Malmo in Sweden and throughout California.

Kirsten has a Bachelor of Photography degree from the Queensland College of Art. She was born and raised in Brisbane before moving to London in 2000 where she lived for over ten years. She has also lived and worked in San Francisco.

Kirsten has always been inspired by simple beauty in the world around her. Her style is to use natural light to capture this inherent beauty, just as it is. She is currently working on a range of editorial and commercial projects for food and lifestyle magazines as well as other clients here in Melbourne.  Since 2011 Kirsten has been based in Melbourne.  She is married to Lorenzo and has two young sons, Lino and Luca.


Kirsten Bresciani’s first solo exhibition is called FLORASCOPIC. The work is based on images of urban flowers and plants, which are then given, quite literally, a kaleidoscopic twist.

The work speaks to the transformation of nature in a modern urban environment and contains influences from Kirsten’s childhood, her travels and her love for nature.

“Like many people I was fascinated by the kaleidoscope as a young child.  The colourful, symmetrical and ever changing images contained within were a constant source of wonder and surprise.  Much like nature itself the randomness and symmetry of the Kaleidoscope produces images of unexpected beauty.”

This is a project she has continued to revisit over the 8 years since its creation. The idea for the exhibition came out of Kirsten’s time in San Francisco.  She was inspired by the beautiful gardens of Pacific Heights and the tantalising glimpses afforded of them behind the gates, stone-walls and high fences of this most affluent and private of suburbs.  Often small, micro gardens of plants and flowers were displayed at the entrances to the grand properties, visually inviting you in but with the rest of the garden hidden from view – like a postcard from an idyllic place that is forever out of reach.

“I’ve always been interested in how plants and flowers bring life to the urban environment. I began by collecting snippets of these urban gardens with my camera and in post production to create kaleidoscopic inspired images by the plants and flowers within. Florascopic was born.”

“There is an element of surprise as to how the image will come out but the more I created the more I was able to predict and shoot for the end result. These images are also a time line of my travels and cover the span from San Francisco, London, New York and Melbourne. ”

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