Ingrid Dusselberg-Biography


Ingrid Dusselberg is a ceramic sculptor, who specializes in stylized, figurative work.
The artist was born in Italy, however raised and educated in Germany. As a young adult, she settled in Australia, where she completed her formal studies in ceramics. Ingrid has travelled widely and exhibited not only nationally, but in many parts of the world, most recently in Mongolia ( National Gallery, Ulaanbaatar ). She has received many prizes and awards. Ingrid is represented by Bird’s Gallery, Kew.
Ingrid states: As an artist, I am strongly affected by global and everyday events, which often find expression in my work. I loves the tactile qualities of clay and the three dimensional aspect of sculpture.
Ingrid finds, that making her own work and sharing her knowledge through teaching results in a wonderful balance in her life.
Ingrid’s recent body of work explores the unique relationship between humans and animals.
She alludes to the unspoken communication and understanding between the two as well as their common journey on this planet.
Some of her sculptures are a personal response to current issues, such as the dilemma of endangered species and the bad treatment of other animals. Ingrid invites a dialogue with the viewer, expressing her story in a positive, playful and clear fashion.
Ingrid is deeply committed to the idea, she wants to convey in her work, but is open to the responsive nature of her medium,  clay, as it suggests and evokes a dialogue.
Each of her pieces are original “one-off” works, covered with various slips or glazes and fired to 1100 degrees.
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