26 October -19 November 2016

giedra 2

Giedra Purlyte  was born in Kaunas, Lithuania .Studied in Kaunas at a four-year art school and Stepas Žukas School of Arts. In 1996 graduated from the Kaunas Academy of Fine Arts.
Giedra had over 25 personal exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad and taken part in many  group exhibitions and international symposiums. She currently lives and works in Vilnius.
A member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association from 2012.


“Creativity to me is a bridge between the real image and dreams. They are connected or separated by light. Dulled by morning sun or evening fog, permeating through a slot or a gap between curtains. Fragile, omnipresent. Light is not possible without a shadow.

Light and shadow – their relationship, their interaction with color is the object of my observation and a puzzle that I am trying to solve. The desire to paint is born out of a desire to hide in a room longing for the light, to sharpen the blade of softness by touching canvas with the brush. Gently and quietly in order not to scare anyone. To glow. Silhouettes of clear thought and blurred images. Without sunglasses, walking barefoot on the lake, asking someone to give me a Tulip, and going blind from the green glow in the evening of a green day.

Soaking up summer colors, watching orange rain, trying to sort clouds and the wonder of the world, which is blue like an orange. I’m still playing “hide and seek” with colors. They feel crazy like little naughty girlfriends.They surround me everywhere and always accompany me. Even in dreams.”


Giedra Purlyte. Don't say anything. 70 x 90 cm
Don’t Say Anything | oil on canvas 70 x 90 cm SOLD


Giedra Purlyte . Boat of the sun. 60 x 80cm
Sun Boat| oil on canvas | 60 x 80 cm


Giedra Purlyte .Time of tulips .80 x 100cm
Tulip time | oil on canvas | 60 x 80 cm


Giedra Purlyte. Horizon. 100 x 140cm
Horizon | oil on canvas | 100 x 140 cm SOLD


Giedra purlyte. Give me a tulip. 80 x 100cm
Gift me a tulip | oil on canvas
80 x 60 cm



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