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BE AS YOU ARE  11-25 April  2015
“Progess Leader” Booroondara  April 2015

SALLY STOKES | Moods of the River

SallyStokes newspaper
“Progress Leader” Booroondara 14 February 2017


article about Kirsten Bresciani

“Clay in Motion” sculpture exhibitions

Anne Anderson


PROGRESS LEADER Booroondara October 2013



clay in Motion 4 & Marian Bosch


PROGRESS  LEADER Booroondara May 2011

Nikai Van Garderen | Landscape paintings

nikai van garderen 2011
PROGRESS LEADER Booroondara 2011


Nikai Van Garderen 02
PROGRESS LEADER Booroondara February 2013



Nikai van garderen 2007


PROGRESS LEADER Booroondara  October 2007

V.Zvirblis | ‘dpi’ Taiwan graphic design issue

VAIDAS ZVIRBLIS was featured in the ‘dpi’ – Taiwan’s graphic design magazine in February 2014  Vol 178
This article was dedicated to Eastern Europien illustrators and Vaidas was between other 5 featured artists

dpi article 1

dpi magazine article 1         dpi magazine article 2




vaidas taiwan article 1

vaidas Taiwan article II



Ian Napier | Recent Paintings ’14

By Hannah Scholte

                                                                                                                                                                Ian Napier.

From the calm period when the school is out, to walking through Alexandra Gardens.

It’s where he lives and works, and where his art is currently showing at Bird’s Gallery.

“It’s understated, it’s quiet,” Mr Napier said of the leafy suburb.

His art, however, is anything but.

Mr Napier’s work is figurative, in strong colours, boldly delineated in black and thickly painted on the canvas. He often adds words, combining the visual and verbal in one image.

It’s work he described as “expressionistic, whimsical and surreal.”

He works sometimes from his kitchen bench overlooking the garden, or from his backyard studio. Drawing upon sights from the street and past experiences, he creates emotive work that aims to stir something in the viewer.

Mr Napier said that the close quarters he shares with his work makes it hard to step back and imagine what others see, but he hopes people are able to look beyond appearances.

“I want them to take away something else, their own interpretation… I want them to take something that perhaps I didn’t.”

Mr Napier, who studied under iconic Australian painter John Brack, has had work acquired by the Australian National Gallery and has exhibited in the access gallery of the National Gallery of Victoria.

Bird’s Gallery director Brigita Lastauskaite met Mr Napier a year ago when he came into the High Street venue.

“We were blown away by the raw and expressive freedom of his work,” Ms Lastauskaite said.


Ian Napier’s exhibition ‘Recent Paintings’ opened at Bird’s Gallery on February 1, with what Mr Napier described as “overwhelming support,” a crowd turning out despite the sweltering afternoon heat. The show runs until February 22.

For more information visit

Ian Napier ‘Admiration’, 2013, acrylics on canvas.


Min Simankevicius | Burning Bush series

MS-CathedralRanges_Last Stand

Min Simankevicius 01
PROGRESS LEADER Booroondara June 2013


Min Simankevicius 02Min Simankevicius 03




Min Simankevicius


PROGRESS LEADER Booroondara February 2010

Vaidas Zvirblis| Toyota Sculpture show ’13

Toyota community spirit gallery sculpture

Toyota community spirit gallery sculpture Zvirblis

Hutchins Art Prize | Finalist Brigita La

Congratulations to BRIGITA LA who is for the second
time selected  finalist at the prestigious Works on Paper
Biennial HUTCHINS ART PRIZE 2015 in Hobart, Tasmania.

a dog walk
A Dog Walk | cut & woven paper | size 76 x 96 cm


The Hutchins Art Prize is a nationally recognised biennial award for works on paper. Artists throughout Australasia and the Pacific Rim may enter.

2015 is the fourteenth year of Hutchins Art Prize. Its evolution from humble beginnings in 1997 to a major national award has been most rewarding. A dramatic increase in entries has occurred over the years. The 2015 Hutchins Art Prize will be the fifth to be staged as a biennial award. The change to a two year format has allowed greater prize money to be offered whilst expanding the competition’s national profile.

The Hutchins Art Prize is a show of national significance, giving Hobart’s art lovers and students a unique opportunity to view work by many of Australia’s leading established and emerging artists.

A prime objective of the Hutchins Art Prize is to highlight the commitment of The Hutchins School to fostering cultural activities for its students. Students are encouraged to take a close interest in the exhibition, and parents and the wider community are presented with a broader perspective of the School.


Congratulations to our artist Brigita La, who was selected out of 340 entries to exhibit her mixed media work “Earth” at Hutchins Art Prize  Finalists exhibition at LONG gallery in Hobart.  The Hutchins Art Prize is a nationally recognized biennial award for works on paper. The award is open to artists working in Australasia and the Pacific rim and offers a first prize of $15,000. The 2013 exhibition will be held at the Long Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart from 15–27 October 2013.

Brigita La_Earth

Image: BRIGITA  LA  “Earth”  media: pencil, charcoal drawing on hand made paper cut & woven, size 100 x 68cm

Below: detail from the Hutchins Art Prize Exhibition catalog
Hutchins Art Prize 2013 catalog

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