GEULA KOHN Threaded Landscapes


“Threaded Landscapes”   drawings | embroidery | sculptures
8-22 May 2014.     Exhibition Opening Thursday 6 May 7.30-9 pm

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sculpture dancer 1   !cid_31069623-F208-4B85-B2A0-3A721B290AF0

“Embroidery is a form of expression in motion. It gathers the collective memories of the world of ethnicity and restores various historical traditions and rituals, which are celebrated both in joy and sorrow. The repetition of stitches resonates as part of contemplation within a large group, in a place where the gathering of women accumulates history (in this way heritage and stories are transmitted); a space of togetherness and intimacy.

I endured back pain for over a year and half; I could not sit, walk or paint for any length of time. On looking through the drawers in my studio, I discovered a seemingly endless stream of craft materials. My hands were attracted to the colors, yarn and threads. In creating the images I deliberately did not sketch outlines or select colors in advance, as I was drawn to the imperfection and the ambiguity in them. They just appeared – an unfettered earthly parade of shapes, claiming their space. Each time I finished a piece, I knew I had walked along the road of other women before me, adding to the layers of historical collective. Like the ancient generations of chain embroiders – a terrain full of keepers of embroidery. Each carrying part of a verse of color and symbols, where my grandmother, mother, daughter and I walked very carefully, so as not to break the chain of memories.

Looking at the fragmented images, I felt their need to be brought to life not only by threads that link the richness of the complexity in them, but also by connecting them to the words of other creative souls. I approached twenty-four writers from different countries, asking them to choose an embroidered image and respond to it in writing. Each of them rose to the challenge. Highly varied in form and content, each contribution has its own voice and identity. The resulting book entitled: Threaded Landscapes will be presented at the Exhibition Opening. This collection of works is a celebration of the diverse elements of art crossing boundaries.” G.K

book cover

GEULA KOHN was born in Israel and arrived in Melbourne over 24 years ago. Prior to coming to Australia she worked on developing new techniques in the field of creative teaching. In Australia, she has continued to immerse herself in creativity, combining writing and painting. She has displayed her art at exhibitions and published poems in several anthologies.



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Ceramic & Mixed media sculptures:

sculpture silluette  sculpture dancer 2

sculpture totem  sculpture bent figure

sculpture vessel        sculpture with the face

WILDTHINGS 29 March-13 April 2014

WildThings: Elyte Blansjaar, Jacqui Butterworth, Dot Wilkin

3 Sydney based artists explores WILDTHINGS theme in sculpture & paintings

Exhibition Opening Saturday 29 March 2-4 pm .Please join us for a glass of wine with artists

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 Exhibition photoes

3 Burning bush 1 80x72cm 2014

The Wildthing is outback NSW where the river Darling floods one year only to evaporate and surrender to drought the next. Once a water tank, the corrugated iron has traveled down the wild river with so much force it has been wrapped around a gum. After the water is long gone, the tree survives and remains dressed in its iron, tangled with fencing and branches giving us hope that life giving water will come again. The galahs in the pink and orange landscape provide a complementary colour scheme in the panorama of burning bushes, reminding me of the land of milk and honey. A thirsty dead carcass thrives as it watches its own reflection in a flooded Billabong in Wilcannia, only to hear two years later that the bed is now cracked and dried up. Grief is a Wildthing. After my brother’s sudden death in 2011, I just painted wildly in oil on six panels with a desperate hope of an eternal reunion. 



elyte 2
I believe there is no part of our lives, our adult as well as child life, when we’re not fantasizing, but we prefer to relegate fantasy to children, as though it were some tomfoolery only fit for the immature minds of the young. Children do live in fantasy and reality; they move back and forth very easily in a way we no longer remember how to do.”- Maurice Sendak
Much of my work is my way of engaging in the desire to continue to live in both worlds. In my ‘Wildthings’ my focus is on children and their ability to become completely absorbed in the fantasy while at the same time existing in the reality. My own children are often the willing models for my pieces and play a significant part in the visualisation of my pieces. For me, it is also a chance to remind myself of that other world, the one were the wild-things gnash their terrible teeth, roar their terrible roars, roll their terrible eyes, show their terrible claws and still get home in time for dinner!




I paint as a way to make sense of this little jaunt we’re taking through life.
Drawing inspiration from stories and the environment as well as my own experiences and history, work is alternately quirky, light-hearted, melancholy, symbolic and just a bit surreal.
Working in alternating layers of oil paint and resin I strive to create detailed, realistic work that is vibrant and emotive. The resin enables me to explore the subjects in greater detail, whilst lending them a subtle depth.

Drawn to explore themes of celebration, remembrance and possibility, these recent still life paintings depict cooked crustaceans in varying stages of escape into the wild. What awaits them is anyone’s guess, but I’m persistently hopeful it’s something good.

 Wild things invite horiz rgb

STUART SMITH | A Model Society

ss web

’Model Society’
27 February-15 March 2014
Exhibition Opening Thursday 27 February 6-8pm
Join us and  the artist  for a glass of wine

Images of the exhibition set up


The still life paintings of Sydney based artist Stuart Smith combine traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics through table top arrangements of toy cars, trains and figures to tell a variety of engaging stories. ‘A Model Society’ presents his most recent work and first solo exhibition.

With only few possessions and a keen wanderlust, Stuart migrated to these shores in 2010. Fascinated by the power of objects in public and private collections he sought out collectors local to the Northern Beaches.

‘I discovered a passionate and generous collector who offered unrestricted access to his vast collection of toy cars. At first I was so overwhelmed with the scale and handling the objects that I focused on individual toys and barely noticed the dialogue between them’.

Open minded and without preconception Stuart approaches each painting like a child at play, allowing the character and personality of each object to respond to another, suggesting dramatic scenes or snippets from everyday life. The results are a rediscovery of simple pleasures.

Stuart’s paintings have a charm and warmth that lies in the painter’s quiet and controlled use of both subject and medium. With subtle layering of oil paint on polished gesso surfaces he achieves strength in colour and tone enhancing the overall illusion. His intentions are not to create a photographic result but a window to another world where the painting process lets the subject shine.

Stuart Smiths’ work has been involved in number of Group Shows and Art Prizes since he arrived in Australia in 2010, including: 2013; Eutick Memorial Still Life Award (the EMSLA), 2013; One to One, Hong Kong, 2013: Storytellers, Frances Keevil Gallery, 2012; Art Concerning the Environment, Scope Gallery, 2012; Eutick Memorial Still Life Award (the EMSLA), 2012; Camberwell Rotary Art Prize, 2011; National Trust Harper’s Mansion Art Prize, Sydney, 2011; Mosman Art Prize.


Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Art and Design 14-19) – Canterbury Christ Church University UK
Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art Painting and Printmaking) - The University of Bretton Hall, Leeds UK
National Diploma in Art and Design – Kent Institute of Art and Design  UK


●    2013 Group Show, ‘Nouvelle’ Bird’s Gallery, Melbourne
●    2013 Group Show, ‘Sedate/Stimulate’ Ambush Gallery, Sydney
●    2013 Group Show, ‘EMSLA Art Award’ Coffs Harbour Regional Art Gallery
●    2013 Group Show, ‘One to One’, Hong Kong
●    2013 Group Show, ‘Storytellers’ Frances Keevil Gallery, Sydney
●    2013 Milk Factory Gallery, Bowral, NSW
●    2012 Group Show, ‘Art Concerning Environment’ Scope Gallery, Vic
●    2012 Group Show, ‘EMSLA Art Award’ Coffs Harbour Regional Art Gallery
●    2012 Group Show, Camberwell Rotary Art Prize, Melbourne
●    2012 Milk Factory Gallery , Bowral, NSW
●    2012 Hathill Gallery, Blue Mountains, NSW
●    2011 Group Show, National Trust Harper’s Mansion Art Prize, Sydney
●    2011 Group Show, Mosman Art Prize, Sydney
●    2011 Milk Factory, Bowral, NSW
●    2011 Hathill Gallery, Blue Mountains, NSW
●    2006 Royall Fine Art, Tonbridge Wells, UK
●    2006 Group Show, Liberty Gallery, Kings Hill, UK
●    2005 Omell Galleries, London, UK
●    2005 Royall Fine Art, Tonbridge Wells, UK
●    2004 Omell Galleries, London, UK
●    2004 Group Show, ‘Still Life Still Lives’, Rex Irwin Gallery, Sydney
●    2004 Royall Fine Art, Tonbridge Wells, UK
●    2003 Royall Fine Art, Tonbridge Wells, UK
●    2002 Royall Fine Art, Tonbridge Wells, UK
●    2001 Royall Fine Art, Tonbridge Wells, UK
●    2000 Royall Fine Art, Tonbridge Wells, UK
●    1999 Group Show, ‘Aphrodisia’, Rainmaker Gallery, Manchester UK

Unleaded. oil on board, 120 x 90cm , 2014
Unleaded” oil on board 120 x 90cm


Britz oil on board, 120 x 90cm, 2014,jpg
“Britz” oil on board, 120 x 90cm ,2014


Surf Rescue.oil on board, 120 x 90cm,2014
“Surf Rescue” 120 x 90cm, 2014


Standing Room Only.oil on board, 120 x 90cm, 2014
“Standing Room Only’ 120 x 90cm, 2014


All aboard.60x25cm.oil on board
“All Aboard” 60 x 25cm. oil on board


Slow down  60x25cm. oil on board
“Slow Down” 60 x 25 cm, oil on board


Oil spill  60x25cm. oil on board

Oil Spil” 60 x 25, oil on board


Parties over .60x25cm. oil on board
“Parties Over” 60 x 25cm, oil on board


“Have You Seen My Girlfriend?” 60 x 25 cm
oil on board  SOLD


Steam ship30x15cm.oil on canvas
“Steam Ship” 30 x 15, oil on canvas  SOLD


Tin speedboat   30x15cm.oil on canvas
“Tin Speedboat” 30 x 15cm, oil on canvas


Mono jet.25x20cm . oil on canvas
“Mono Jet” 25 x 25 cm, oil on canvas

IAN NAPIER | Recent Paintings 1-22 Feb’14

ian napier 2013

Exhibition Opening Saturday 1 February 2-4pm
Please join us and the artist  for a glass of wine
All welcome!

View Ian Napier’s painting
View Exhibition Opening photos
Melbourne Weekly Review  article 18.02.2014


Progress Leader Boroondara 11 February 2014:

Napier.Progress Leader

Artist’s Statement

The figurative work is based on Ian’s personal emotive and experiential feelings and happenings. To further stimulate the viewers senses some of the paintings have wording applied to them.

These works could be described as expressionist. Some of the works have been re-worked many times until the “right*image” has been reached. *Right to the artist’s eye.

In more recent work there is an attempt to “titillate” the visual senses allowing the viewer to form his/her own interpretation of the images.

Some faces are multi-coloured and a-sexual in appearance giving a “surreal” and uneasy feel to the images.

The continual working and re-working of the paintings often at close quarters tends to separate the artist from the work. That is, in a removed/meditative state of body/mind.



Ian Napier studied under John Brack, did painting classes with Jenny Watson and Howard Arkley, worked alongside Rick Amor and Andrew Southall.

He exhibited at ROAR 2 STUDIO and had a solo exhibition at MORNINGTON PENINSULA REGIONAL GALLERY, Mornington, Victoria. His work has been transposed into 6 tapestries by the VICTORIAN TAPESTRY WORKSHOP, has been acquired by the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL GALLERY (ANG) and exhibited in the access studio of NATIONAL GALLERY OF VICTORIA (NGV)

Commendations  include Judith Ryan (NGV) and Maudi Palmer (ex Heidi)

Ian worked as an architect before painting full-time and is a Fellow-Royal Australian Institute of Architects and Associate of Institute of Arbitrators.


 birds_napier_UPDATEBIRDS GALLERY Ian Napier invite CMYK with bleed

NOUVELLE 7-24 December

Nouvelle fb horiz nukirsta

The novel and exciting group exhibition NOUVELLE features over 60 small size works by 30 Melbourne and Sydney based artists.

Participating Artists:

Tim Lane
Ingrid Dusselberg
Damon Kowarsky
Lynne Bechervaise
Kyoko Imazu

Claudia Rubinstein
Sharman Feinberg

Ian Napier
 Marian Bosch
Meredith Wehl
Jodie Flugge
Melissa Pym
Cally Lotz
Avis Gardner
Lilach Mileikowski
Liz Walker
Bronwen Vaughan-Evans
Stuart Smith
Catherine Gill
Janicke Johansen
Migle Zvirblyte
Kylie Castan
Hyun Ju Kim
Vismante Cai
Brigita La
Vaidas Zvirblis
Gilly Jedwab
Jill Kempson


ian napier 2 small

hyunjukim_stars_16x19 small




Avis Gardner Fragment 1

cally Towels

lilach 1


Brigita La earth 2

Brigita La earth 4

vaidas zvirblis 3

Tim Lane 2


meredith stone butterfly_1

Kyoko Imazu.Chibi small

smith Surf_and_Spectator_1


ANITA KLEIN 21 Nov – 5 Dec’13

ANITA KLEIN Recent Linocuts
21 November-5 December 2013
Exhibition Opening Thursday 21 November 5.30-7.30pm
You can view some of the Exhibition Opening photos here


Anita Klein studied at Chelsea and the Slade schools of art. She works in London and Anghiari, Italy and has exhibited her prints and paintings extensively in the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia. In 2003 she was elected president of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers and she has work in many private and public collections including the Arts Council England and the British Museum.

Anita’s work celebrates the small domestic moments we all share. She says that these everyday events are what she would miss most “if it all was taken away”. While family photo albums record our lives as one long round of birthdays and holidays, the very moments we should most value are almost always ignored and forgotten.

Anita’s father’s family were Hungarian Jewish refugees from war torn Europe who lost everything, including family members, apart from their lives, therefore she grew up with a very strong awareness that made her realize how lucky she was. Anita Klein believes that there is too little respect for the art of happiness and shares her graceful optimism through her art.



“Ravel said he wanted his music to be complex, but not complicated. Anita Klein might say the same of her art. There is a grand simplicity to her works, but that is not the same as saying they lack subtlety and ambiguity. On the contrary, they have the sort of unselfconscious directness that comes from living and breathing art for so long that it becomes second nature” – John Russell Taylor, The Times, London

“At a time when the art world seems to be full of artists attempting to shock and denigrate, Klein’s intimate, life affirming work comes as a welcome breath of fresh air. Her works convey a unique pleasure in the everyday moments that make life special”. Vincent Eames, The Fine Art Partnership

“A blithe demonstration of intimacy” – William Zimmer, New York Times

“Anita Klein is one of the finest and most collected printmakers working in Britain today. Her art is witty, charismatic, warm and poignant; an archive of personal moments that everyone can identify with.” Latest 7 Magazine

“Those values of disegno – line and division, pure colour planes, formal pattern and interval – are those of the great mural painting of the early renaissance – the art of Giotto, Piero della Francesco and Masaccio – that Klein reveres above all others, and to which she has paid the closest attention. Like theirs, hers is an art of stillness, of action caught and suspended in the transfiguring moment…. These are the elements of abstract style, the components of the formal economy to which I referred at the outset. They are to be found …in the quattrocento modernism that placed such revolutionary value upon the depiction of ordinary men and women in extraordinary circumstances, conferring dignity upon them by abstract formalities of figuration and placement. Klein puts these grand principles of ‘artistic style’ to work in the transformation of the South London quotidian, creating out of household events and holiday pleasures images of a resonant contemporary myth of love.” – Mel Gooding








 See more of the artist’s work: Anita Klein Artworks


GILY JEDWAB “Wonders” Nov ’13

Wonders small

WONDERS” 24 October-16 November 2013

You can view her works hereYou can view Exhibition Opening photos here

Born 1961 and grew up on Kibbutz Yasur, Israel, before migrating to Australia in 1989. She studied Visual Art which included contemporary art studies, printmaking, sculpture and drawing, and majored in painting. Since completing her studies in 2001, Gilly has held six solo exhibitions and participated in many shared exhibitions in a number of galleries.

Her work is in many private collections in Australia and overseas. Gilly participated in some charitable art projects and her art was auctioned to support several causes.

Since 2011 Gilly sells her artistic greeting cards at selective boutique shops. These are prints of her colourful and multicultural collages, made from collected images, embroidery and found objects from around the world, combined with her own paintings and designs.

“My paintings are abstract expressions of the emotional, physical and spiritual elements from nature and the environment.

In my work I don’t wish to mirror real places, but rather try to capture the spirit, or reflect the mood of the spaces and images that inspire my identity.

I’m interested in exploring metaphorical and communicative links between landscapes and mindscapes and the complex relationship between Mother Nature and human nature.

I seek to evoke tension, depth and balance through the use of multiple perspectives, repetitive symbols and textured compositions.

My paintings are built layer upon layer: at times exposing the atmospheric history beneath, at times covering it. I believe the unseen layers have much influence on the dynamic of my paintings. The narrative interpretation is open for each viewer’s imagination”

CLAY IN MOTION finishes 21 October

progress leader article

Click here to view  some images of  ceramic works and Exhibition Opening photoes






WORKSHOPED ’13 exhibition

Congratulations to our artist Vaidas Zvirblis!

His new design object “Kitchen Bench” was selected to exhibition ‘WORKSHOPPED13′
This design show will take place in Sydney 15-25 August 2013  and will be featuring  new  inventive works by 50 Australian designers.
Exhibition theme this year: Designing a Modern Heritage: How can design be future-proofed for a disposable society?


 Artist Statement for “Mobile Kitchen Bench”

The ideas of recycling are very important to our society at this point in time. We see consumerism growing in all aspects of our life, including the usage of brand new items that we dispose of far too quickly, as the cost of repairs is usually higher than the purchase of a new item itself.

My Kitchen work bench is made from a supermarket trolley that was dumped in a local creek stuck between rocks for a very long time. I used to see it, while walking the dog every day. It looked awfully unsightly. I got the idea to give it new life by turning it into a functional & useful everyday object.

First I restored its metal structure and colour. I did some sketches and chose the most functional and practical version. This prototype can be adapted to different sizes and shapes of supermarket trolleys that have been written off or discarded from the appropriate industries. I have chosen Oak hardwood for the top surface as it could be used as a chopping board as much as a plain bench. It has a wooden pocket for knifes and a few wooden shelves, as well as a beautifully polished round hardwood handle. All the wooden parts are well sanded, polished and impregnated with special oils, which make them easy to clean.

Wood gives a nice contrast to the industrial structure. It softens harsh metal lines and hand polished surfaces add to the homey feel. The airy metal structure of this Work Bench is visually light and its presence would be non obstructive in any living space.

This simple & practical design is very functional and has a lifetime guarantee. The great aspect of practicality is its mobility and lightness. This kitchen bench can be moved easily and chopped food can reach the pot on the stove or the serving table quickly and comfortably.


WORKSHOPPED13 is the single largest event on the Australian Product Design calendar.

For a over a decade WORKSHOPPED has been presenting great design to the widest possible public – in gallery spaces, shopping centres and retail precincts. Since 2001 WORKSHOPPED has presented the work of over 200 Australian designers through 12 exhibitions viewed by over 500,000 people.

WORKSHOPPEDs’ influence on Australian design is evident. With designs in production with local and international manufacturers, winning international design awards and the subject of local and international acclaim. The WORKSHOPPED exhibitions aim to do more than just show great design. We facilitate commercial relationships between designers, industry and the marketplace.

Each year we ask designers to respond to our brief and consider the challenges of the journey from prototype to production. This year we’ve collaborated with the design students from Billy Blue College to ask applicants:
Designing a Modern Heritage: How can design be future-proofed for a disposable society?

Featured works of the exhibition will then be on show at the Supa Centa Moore Park, Sydney – allowing us to continue our commitment to bring great design to the wider public.

vaidas-zvirblis_mobile-kitchen-bench_image-11 copy


vaidas-zvirblis_mobile-kitchen-bench_image-31 copy]



Floral objects by Brigita La

New ceramic floral objects by local artist Brigita La are in store now.  Each and every piece is individually made,and finished with white or coloured glazes. Because these delicate objects have a vessel like shape, it’s possible to put the seed, nut or shell inside to create more intrigue.
Price $65 flower only (size approx 9 x 7cm), $99 with a glass dome (Size 26 x 20cm)
You can see more of her larger  floral objects here



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