AT HOME | 29 June-24 July

AT HOME  | 29 June-24 July 2017
Exhibition Opening Saturday 1st July 2-4 pm Join us for Opening Drinks.

AT HOME is a curated group show  featuring paintings & drawings by 6 female artists:

“Initial idea for this exhibition was Interiors, with the aim to explore our home spaces in a visual language of painting & drawing. It took 2 months to prepare the show and after selecting the paintings, it became obvious, that the title for this exhibition should be changed to AT HOME. This exhibition consists by 34 works by 6 female artists from Victoria and NSW, who didn’t know each other before the show.
Each exhibition is like a breathing, live organism that has life of its own. It draws to itself, like a magnet, different people, works, ideas and circumstances. And you can never predict how it will turn up, until you actually put all pieces up on the wall. Only then, you can see the beautiful synergy of colour, form, texture and subject matter. It becomes a cohesive unit, which is alive, vibrant and communicates with each other and audience in many unexpected ways.
This exhibition is not about concepts and ideas, but about the beauty and simplicity of our intimate spaces, where the whole process of homeostasis occurs by rebalancing and recharging our lives. Home is where the heart is and these artworks shine the warm, feminine light to the audience. They are snapshots of our everyday lives seen from the woman’s perspective.
May you all come home to your heart while exploring this visual journey from Outside to Inside.”

Brigita Lastauskaite



This series of work by Kiata Mason revolves around the collections of objects in the
domestic home environment. A quiet contemplation of the small and beautiful objects
that make a house a home. Looking at two familiar spaces, that of the sea side home
of my grandmothers at Lake Cathie and my aunts home in Palm beach as both have a
love of the found and collected object. The two homes are full of shells, paintings,
sculptures, flowers and other found things others might walk past, interspersed with
day to day objects of food and flowers, collected together tell a story of the people who
have lived in the house and bean part of the family.


At Georgia's with persimmon's 61x61 small
At Georgia’s with Persimmons | 61 x 61 cm
acrylics on canvas SOLD


Figs and Indian horse_40.7x50.9cm small
Figs and  Indian Horse | 40.7 x 50.9 cm
acrylics on canvas

Table at palm beach 61 x 61 cmsmall
Table at Palm Beach | 61 x 61 cm
acrylics on canvas SOLD


vogue patterns 45.8x45.8
  Vogue Patterns | 45.8 x 45.8 cm |
acrylics on canvas

Tray of Shells 61 x 61 cm small
Tray of Shells | 61 x 61 cm |
acrylics on canvas SOLD

 Indian Bird and green plate 40 x 50 cm small
Indian Bird and Green Plate | 40 x 50 cm |
acrylics on canvas

Side table with garden flowers 30.5 x 30.5 cm small
Side Table with Green Flowers | 30.5 x 30.5 cm
acrylics on canvas


judi's clay bird house40.7x50.9cm small

Judi’s Clay Bird House | 50.9 x 40.7 cm
acrylics on canvas



My practice is underpinned by my love of drawing.  I enjoy drawing from life,
with a focus on interiors and the relationships we have with our everyday domestic
environments and the other people and objects that may inhabit those spaces as well.
I also enjoy portraiture, and particularly portrait commissions, because it allows
me to focus on the elements that make each of us unique and irreplaceable.  I often
combine portraits with domestic spaces or personal objects in order to create a sense
of the everyday, yet in a familiar, but unfamiliar, sense. Whilst I like to experiment
with many mediums, I do work predominantly in colour pencil.  I enjoy the precision,
detail, texture, depth and lightness that pencil allows me to achieve.


Who cares about nice? |  42cm x 37cm ,
colour pencil on paper


Between a rock and a remote |  37.2cm x 38.5cm ,
colour pencil on paper


Leave the key in the door | 38 x 36 cm
colour pencil on



I am a multi disciplinary artist who paints in Acrylic on stretched canvas, and works on
paper both figurative and abstract. The starting point for my work will be a sense of light and
colour and shafts of light will fall onto, through or around an object and the effects of that fall
of of light. Whether objects are transparent, of silhouetted against a window, I am continually
fascinated at the relationship between light and shadow, solid and transparent. When I draw
I like to anchor figures to the ground and chairs to a floor with a sense of dimension that’s
either evident and receding into the distance or tilted into the viewers picture plane.


CHRISTINE WEBB Elvis Wants a Walk 137x1137 cm e
Elvis Wants a Walk, Dixie’s Parlour
137 x 137 x 5 cm | acrylics on canvas


CHRISTINE WEBB Anthurium Armchair150x100
Anthurium Armchair | 100 x 150 cm
acrylics on canvas


CHRISTINE WEBB Sansepolcro Table 46x46 cm e
Sansepolcro Table | 46 x 46 x 2.5 cm
acrylics on canvas



I find art is a useful tool to help me to explore, understand and to empathize
with people’s experiences – their reactions to self, to others and to the world
around them. It enables me to see beauty in the everyday and in imperfection.
Other key influences are the built and natural environments: in particular I
am drawn to the sea and boats (the daughter of a long line of sea-farers) and
to industrial scenes that tell us much about the way we live today. A degree of
abstraction seeks to remind us that we all see the same thing differently: our
perceptions are distorted by our own experience, our mood, our biases.Whilst
still experimenting with style and technique, I like to paint with acrylic and
tend to paint fast: often wet-on-wet, allowing the painting to emerge or
declare itself as I go.


sharon 3
Empty Room | acrylic on canvas board | framed
40.6 x 50.8 cm

sharon 2
Girl with a Dog | acrylics on canvas
45.7 x 45.7 cm


sharon 5
New Day | acrylics on canvas
61 x 50.5 cm


 sharon 4
 Girl in a Wallpapered Room | acrylics
on canvas | 74.5 x 60 cm


“These paintings represent the objects of everyday life whilst recognizing
that life consists of many layers and contradictions. Objects, rooms and
doorways are found in unexpected places. Our role in nature is shown by
the landscapes discovered within the objects themselves reflecting our
tendency to behave as though our actions are inconsequential. Nevertheless
they are optimistic, bright paintings reflecting our ability to take on the
challenges that we face, to create and move forward.”


suspended disbelief 91 x 76 $1650
Suspended Disbelief  91 x 76 cm
Acrylic on Canvas


Sea Change.acrylics on canvas 91 x 76 $1650
Sea Change | 91 x 76 cm
Acrylic on Canvas


cirtaintea1,2 acrylic on linen 92 x 92.$1750  cirtaintea 2 acrylics on linen 92 92cm $1750
Certaintea | 91 x 76 cm |  Acrylic on Canvas


Domestic Blitz (resized)
Domestic Blitz | 80 x 70 cm | acrylic on linen

lifes mixing pot. acrylics on linen 81 x 81 $1500
Life’s Mixing Pot          81.3 x 81.3 cm
Acrylic on linen


“As an artist, I am continually evolving. My Still Life and Landscape works are narratives about the
connection I have to the both land and community, in our remote part of the river country. The “found”
interior paintings in this show are snapshots of a farming and artistic life intertwined. Included is foliage
from our forest, produce from the orchard and equipment for making. Small moments of the everyday,
providing a link between rural and city consciousness.”


Wendy.Bench with Blue Cloth 45 x 45 cm $800
Bench with Blue Cloth | 45 x 45 cm
acrylics on canvas


Wendy.Night Studio with vintage cloth 40 x 40 cm $750
 Night Studio with vintage cloth | 40 x 40 cm
acrylics on canvas

Wendy.Autumn Kitchen with Sketchbook 40 x 40 cm $750
 Autumn Kitchen with Sketchbook | 40 x 40 cm
acrylics on canvas SOLD


Wendy.Foliage on Artist's Bench 40 x 40 cm $750
 Foliage on Artist’s Bench | 40 x 40 cm
acrylics on canvas


Wendy .Studio Bench with Apples 45 x 45cm $800
 Studio Bench with Apples | 45 x 45 cm
acrylics on canvas


Wendy.Studio Bench with Tasseled Cloth 45 x 45 $800
 Studio Bench with Tasseled Cloth | 45 x 45 cm
acrylics on canvas with japanese bowl.45 x 45
 Studio with Japanese Bowl | 45 x 45 cm
acrylics on canvas SOLD

Nik Uzunovski | Midnight Horizon

 Nik Uzunovski | Midnight Horizon
4-27 May| Opening Saturday 6 May 2-4 pm


My most recent work investigates how we access memories and the emotional and sensory responses to memories. It is through the visual medium of paint, collage and drawing; using formal elements of line, form, shape and colour, where I articulate my own and shared responses to memories of people, places and experiences. It is how I am able to make sense of something that is often difficult to articulate through sustained thought and conversation; trying to give the feelings memories generate a tangible presence in a visual context. It is through this process that I map out the relationship between a memory; representational and non-representational forms, often fractured in nature, hence why much of the work often takes on an almost topographical appearance. John Elderfield et al (2011) writes “A representational painting can be composed through abstract manipulation of the medium of painting and also the less familiar one that an abstract painting may be created through acts of representation.”; an exchange of the elements, the abstract and the representational. It is through this process of mapping out an experience or memory that I am able to put together fractured pieces of memory and create something that generates aesthetic interest, however, also has the potential to resonate with the viewer, help them to understand their own memories and thought processes; how and why they respond in such a way. Whether they’re negative or positive, memories of people, places, experiences and happenings are deeply engrained within everyone they make us who we are. Memories are precious things; even the bad ones, we learn from them, teach ourselves and teach others. My late grandmother developed dementia and lost almost all of her memories, not remembering who I and her other grandchildren were, it slowly consumed her entire mind. That is why I map memories; as well as try to articulate one’s emotional and sensory responses, my own and those of friends, family and even strangers, to ensure that they live on through paint even when we cease to exist.

Eldefield, J et al 2011, de Kooning a retrospective, The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


LAURA WHITE | 8-29 April

LAURA WHITE | Still | 8-29 April 2017

Exhibition Opening Saturday 15 April 2-4 pm

portrait 2

Laura White is an Australian realist artist specialising in still life and nature-inspired oil paintings.   Originally from Argentina, White moved to Australia as a child.   Her paintings illustrate vivid images of clarity and life-like quality which subsequently necessitate the need for considerable observation of the brush work. Her love for both food and the garden greatly influences the realist and botanical subject matters which she prefers. White employs the ‘flemish’ techniques of the Dutch Masters and uses multiple layering methods and translucent glazes to achieve depth and texture in her work. Her main motivation is to portray the inherent beauty she sees in everyday life, capturing colour, light and texture to produce artworks that speak to the senses.

After an unfulfilling period studying interior design, White’s first steps in oil painting were largely self-guided and driven by curiosity and experimentation, after which she began studying at Petruccelli Art Studio in 2015 in Upper Beaconsfield. Here, where she began developing the depth of her creative license. White now paints full time from her studio in Berwick, providing work to exhibit both locally and interstate with subsequent sales being made both within Australia and internationally.

“I am inspired by the everyday items usually taken for granted.  My aim is to engage the viewer not only with their sense of sight, but also that of touch, taste and smell. Since starting to paint, I find myself “looking” at things with a greater intensity; truly looking at the colours, textures, contrasts, reflections and hues. I hope that by capturing this, I force the individual to stop and take a minute to see things through my eyes.  This is what I strive to share with my viewer.”

Join Exhibition Opening event here


Still Life Sunday Arvo 60x60cm




An Oriental Mood 60x60cm (2)



Magnolia and lemons 50x60cm



Persimmons on cloth 60x50cm



Pomegranates on china 60x50mcm



French jug and pears 60x50cm-1



Roses in Crystal 50x60cm




Andris Miezis is a full time artist based in Lithuania.
Andrius has started exhibiting his paintings in 1992.
Since then he has held many  solo exhibition in Lithuania
and participated at many  international group exhibitions
in Denmark, Finland, Chicago, Georgia, Ireland, Latvia.

Gera diena ir nieko daugiau (Good day and nothing more) 90x70cm 2016m.600 eur
 ”Good Day and Nothing More ”
90 x 70 cm acrylics on canvas


liksi pas mane net jei isskrisi pauksteliu 90 x 70 2015
 ”Turn into the bird and be mine forever”
90 x 70 cm | acrylics on canvas SOLD


Dangiškosios apsaugos tarnautojas 90x70 cm 2016 m
Divine Security Employee
90 x 70 cm| acrylics on canvas


Šypsena tarp žiedų90x70cm2016m
  A Smile Amidst the Blossoms
90 x 70 cm | acrylics on canvas


Nu laba diena... 90x70cm2016m
90 x 70 cm | acrylics on canvas


RICH BITCH 90x70cm 2016m.600 eur
“Rich Bitch” 90 x 70 cm acrylics on canvas


Andrius miezis. A colourful personality 130 x 90 cm
A Colourful Personality 90 x 70 cm
acrylics on canvas


Stebint kasdienybę 90x70cm 2016m.  500 eur

“Observing the Mundane” 90 x 70 cm
acrylics on canvas


Susiimk save į rankas ir prisipažink 90x70cm2016m. 600 eur
“Pull Yourself Together” 90 x 70 cm
acrylics on canvas


BIRDHAUS group exhibition

BIRDHAUS 26 November-17 December 2016
Exhibition Opening Saturday 26 November 2-4 pm
Please join us for opening drinks. All are very welcome!
Join Exhibition Opening event on FB

Birdhaus web
BIRDHAUS it is a group exhibition featuring  the theme of birds and their surroundings in
variety of artistic mediums-printmaking,drawing, paintings & sculpture.


Josh McCrimmon. lightbulb - mixed media on paper 15 x 40cm (unframed) $175 adjusted

Josh McCrimmonStaying connected - mixed media on paper 35x 45 cm (unframed aprox) $295

Josh McCrimmon.togetherness - indian ink on paper 25x40cm (unframed) $195 adjusted  IMG_3810


Ian Napier small



john sharp Pretty boy emu  john sharp eagle

John sharp Spoonbill CROPPED









 softness of love Messenger of piece  Two Birds of a Feather



Vaidas Zvirblis.Pink small





7. The look


5. Bob

3. Identity Crisis

4. Samantha



Liz Walker Nest

Liz Walker

Liz Walker.Migration


Brigita. Nest .small size



Anita Klein. Birds in the Bean Flowers       The Striped Bird small



lynne 3   Lynne 1

Lynne 4  Lynne 5



thumbnail_House Sparrow

thumbnail_Spotted  dove



Soxy.Ducks.58 x 87



cat lee 2  Cat Lee 1

cat lee 4     cat lee 6



Nadia Dusselberg



Lina Bauch



Roy Wilkins. Where is Dadda 79 x 101 and is 1400

Roy Wilkins 2




JESS Life-sized Magpies  JESS. Trudging with a Glimmer of Hope

JESS. On the Wing



Klaus Dusselberg





JG - fat gould finch

John Graham Mustard gould finch


26 October -19 November 2016

Medium white colourful vase with blue baubles and loops (2016)

Medium white colourful vase with blue baubles and
loops | Earthenware, white paper clay, underglaze
decoration, white glaze inside |  16 x 14 x 14 cm


Madeleine Thornton-Smith’s work is unique, playful and modern. She originally trained as a painter and approaches ceramics in a different way to traditional artists, treating her pottery as a ceramic ‘canvas’. Based in Melbourne, Madeleine completed an Honours of Fine Art at Monash University in 2014. She also obtained a Bachelor in Arts and Visual Arts majoring in Creative Writing and Painting. In 2015 she commenced a Diploma of Ceramics at Holmesglen. She has exhibited her ceramics and painting in multiple exhibitions across Melbourne. Madeleine is inspired by colour, landscape, organic flowing forms and patterns. After spending many years working in art programs for people with disabilities, Madeleine is a strong believer in the power of art as a catalyst for growth and positive change in the community.


Painting pots promotional picture - Seventh Gallery

Large colourful loopy vase | Stoneware oxidation,
white clay, underglaze decoration | 33 x 20 x 20 cm


White bauble vase (2016)

White bauble vase | Earthenware, white clay white
glaze and cobalt oxide | 13.5 x 11 cm | $160


Small loopy bowl (2016)

Small loopy bowl | Stoneware reduction, white clay,
white glaze inside | 12 x 9 x 9 cm | $80


Painting Pots exhibition at Seventh - install view

Madeleine Thornton-Smith ceramics and painting.


Small white loopy vase stand (2016) resized

Small white two-handled vase | Stoneware reduction,
white clay, white glaze inside | 11 x 11 x 5.5 cm | $ 70





26 October -19 November 2016

giedra 2

Giedra Purlyte  was born in Kaunas, Lithuania .Studied in Kaunas at a four-year art school and Stepas Žukas School of Arts. In 1996 graduated from the Kaunas Academy of Fine Arts.
Giedra had over 25 personal exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad and taken part in many  group exhibitions and international symposiums. She currently lives and works in Vilnius.
A member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association from 2012.


“Creativity to me is a bridge between the real image and dreams. They are connected or separated by light. Dulled by morning sun or evening fog, permeating through a slot or a gap between curtains. Fragile, omnipresent. Light is not possible without a shadow.

Light and shadow – their relationship, their interaction with color is the object of my observation and a puzzle that I am trying to solve. The desire to paint is born out of a desire to hide in a room longing for the light, to sharpen the blade of softness by touching canvas with the brush. Gently and quietly in order not to scare anyone. To glow. Silhouettes of clear thought and blurred images. Without sunglasses, walking barefoot on the lake, asking someone to give me a Tulip, and going blind from the green glow in the evening of a green day.

Soaking up summer colors, watching orange rain, trying to sort clouds and the wonder of the world, which is blue like an orange. I’m still playing “hide and seek” with colors. They feel crazy like little naughty girlfriends.They surround me everywhere and always accompany me. Even in dreams.”


Giedra Purlyte. Don't say anything. 70 x 90 cm
Don’t Say Anything | oil on canvas 70 x 90 cm SOLD


Giedra Purlyte . Boat of the sun. 60 x 80cm
Sun Boat| oil on canvas | 60 x 80 cm


Giedra Purlyte .Time of tulips .80 x 100cm
Tulip time | oil on canvas | 60 x 80 cm


Giedra Purlyte. Horizon. 100 x 140cm
Horizon | oil on canvas | 100 x 140 cm SOLD


Giedra purlyte. Give me a tulip. 80 x 100cm
Gift me a tulip | oil on canvas
80 x 60 cm



JOHN SANTUCCI | new paintings

26 October -19 November 2016

“When we moved from Melbourne to Byron Bay a few years ago my work was mainly focused on surreal cityscapes and whimsical caravans, new surroundings launched thoughts of new directions. I didn’t want to pursue the obvious seascapes and lighthouses, instead I chose a subject that was quite literally staring me in the face.
Our garden was somewhat basic, but Byron’s weather means vegetation grows fast, really fast!
We planted madly, and this series is inspired by the fruits of that labour- a serene contemplation of form composition and natures incredible beauty.” John Santucci


On show 76 x 76 cm
On Show | 76 x 76 cm| acrylics on canvas SOLD


Balance 61 x 61 acrylic on linen
Balance | 61 x 61 cm | acrylics on linen SOLD


The Harlequins 61 x 61cm
The Harlequins | 61 x 61 cm | acrylics on linen SOLD


inky green mosquitos 61 x 61 acrylic on linen
Inky Green Mosquito’s | 61 x 61 cm | acrylics on linen

Mr pinl 76 x 76cm
Mr Pink | 76 x 76 cm | acrylics on canvas


Sombrero 76 x 76
 Sombrero | 76 x 76 cm | acrylics on linen SOLD


The jester 61 x 51cm acrylic on linen
The Jester | 61 x 51 cm | acrylics on linen


solitaire 61 x 51 acrylic on linen
 Solitaire | 61 x 51 cm | acrylics on linen


2015 Gallery- one Gold Coast

2015 Unplugged Byron Bay

2015 Gallery -one Gold Coast

2014 Gallery -one , Gold Coast

2013 Sheriton Hotel, Gold Coast

2013 Gallery-one, Gold Coast

2013 OnStone Gallery, Sth Melbourne

2012 OnStone Gallery, Sth Melbourne

2011 Green-Wood Gallery, Melbourne

2011 Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra

2010 Soho Gallery, Sydney

2009 Green-Wood Gallery Melbourne

2008 Green-Wood Gallery Melbourne

2007 Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2006 Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2005 Frankston Arts Centre, Melbourne

2004 Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2001 Mansour Hill Gallery,Melbourne

2000 Sui Generis Gallery, Melbourne

2016 Birds Gallery – Melbourne

2016 Art images Gallery Adelaide

2015 Boom Gallery Melbourne

2014 Gallery De Novo, New Zealand

2013 Gallery De Novo, New Zealand

2010 Maritime Art Award, Melbourne

2010 Soho Art Gallery, Sydney

2008 Maritime Art Award, Melbourne

2008 Singapore Art Fair, Singapore

2008 Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra

2007 Green-Wood Gallery, Melbourne

2005 Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2004 Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2002 George White Gallery, Melbourne

1999 Fitzroy Gallery, Melbourne

2008 Winner ANL Maritime Art Award

1999 Whyalla Peoples Choice Award

Whyalla City Council, Whyalla Sth Australia

ANL Head office, Melbourne

House and Garden 2013 magazine. IKEA magazine international

Film and TV: Secret Life of Us, Tangle, Offspring, Conspiracy 365

Shine, My year without sex.


Australia, Singapore,United Kingdom, Italy , New York, New Zealand.



vanessa stockard

I like to portray the physical change and transplantation from the bustling city to the relative cool serenity of the Southern Highlands. Shadows and reflections carefully rendered in these paintings reveal the distortion of thoughts and experience as I try to live in the moment, yet struggle to do so. I bend light around corners, shadows and reflections are nonsensical yet compositionally interesting. I make new connections with colour and texture in each  painting and I watch my ideas morph and grow with each body of work. I am experimental in nature and will continue to push personal boundaries in terms of colour, substrate, composition and meaning. During 20 years of painting I have developed a private set of motifs that find their way into paintings when I need to express something pictorially. Like developing your own language, this skill has enabled me to communicate internally, the way that writing down your thoughts can increase comprehension of difficult concepts.

Painting for me is both a personal refuge and a comfort, I paint my favourite day-to-day things. I pluck fruit and flowers from the garden, place them inside and paint them immediately, capturing their fresh fragrant and edible beings. Interior and outdoor scenes are creative spaces where I can play with my ideas, spaces where I attempt to recreate the complex nature in which I experience life.

popies and figs
Poppies & Figs | 50 x 45 cm | acrylics on birch
panel | Price $1,200 framed

Tulips | 60 x 50 cm | acrylics on birch panel
Price $1,700 cm

popies 1
Poppies | 40 x 40 cm | acrylics on birch panel
Price $900 framed


open door
Open Door | 60 x 50 cm | acrylics on birch panel
Price $1,700 framed


vanessa 2
Spanish Chandelier |  50 x 45 cm | acrylics on
birch panel  | Price $1,200 cm


morrocan carpet
Moroccan Carpet | 50 x 60 cm | acrylics on birch
panel  |Price $1,700 framed


Solo Exhibitions

2015, Halcyon, Sydney

2015 La Vie en Rose, Art2Muse, Sydney

2014 Textura, Art2Muse, Sydney

2013 Inside, Outside, Charles Hewitt, Sydney

2013 The Garden, Maunsell Wickes, Sydney

2012 Untethered, Maunsell Wickes, Sydney

2012 Tenebrism, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney

2011 Vanessa Stockard, Artist’s Deli, Bowral

2010 Quiesce, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney

2009 Siren’s Song, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney

2009 Taree Regional Gallery, Taree

2007/8/9 Murdoch Collections, Portland, USA

2007 Cork, Portland, USA

1999 Dendy Cinema Sydney


Group Exhibitions

2016 Birds Gallery, Melbourne

2016 Walcha Gallery, Walcha

2016 Small Spaces, Sydney

2016 Equus, Olsen Irwin, Sydney

2015 Project 504, Sydney

2015 Stones, Berrima

2015 The Moree Gallery, Moree

2014 Space Matters, ION, Kings Street Wharf, Sydney

2014 Autumn show, Bradman Art Gallery Centre, Bowral

2014 Murdoch Collections, Portland, Oregon.

2013 Goulburn Regional Gallery, Goulburn (award, highly commended)

2013 BCAG, Bradman Art gallery Centre, Bowral

2013 Sydney Children’s Hospital, (permanent collection)

2013 Something Small, Charles Hewitt, Marrickville

2013 Is it a bird, Is it a plane, Charles Hewitt, Marrickville

2013 Wombat Hollow, Mausell Wickes and Michael Yabsley, Kangaloon

2012 A Painterly Selection, Artist’s Deli, Bowral

2012 Views and Visions, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney

2011 Think Big, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney

2011 Mythos Fine Art, California, USA

2011 Murdoch Collections, Portland, USA

2010 About Flowers, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney

2010 Something Personal, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney

2009 Don Capon, Sydney Eye Hospital, Sydney

2009 Blank_Space Art Gallery, Sydney

2009 Perlcontemporaryart, Vaucluse, NSW

2008 Taree Art Show, Taree, NSW

2007 Katayama, Portland, USA

2006/7 Guestroom Gallery, Portland, USA

2005 The Art Lounge, Sydney

2005 The Brush Gallery, Wingham, NSW

2005 Kelmans Winery, Hunter Valley, NSW

2003 Walcom Manning Art Prize

2003 Moulton Art Gallery Mona Vale, NSW

2002 Applause Gallery, South Melbourne

1998/9 Woollahra Art Show

1997-2004 Taree Art Exhibition

1997 Seal Rocks Show, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, NSW


2006-2007 Gilding and Carving with Dane Wilson, Master Framer, Katayama, USA

2003-2004 Julian Ashton Art School, (Anatomy and Life drawing)

2002-2003 North Sydney Art School, (Still Life and Landscape Painting)

1999-2001 The Framing School, Sydney, (Conservation and Object Framing)

1995-1999 University of NSW, College of Fine Art, BFA

1994 University of Sydney, Art History


DAN TOMKINS paintings

DAN TOMKINS |Paintings
until  22 October 2016

‘A passion for creating has always been a really strong presence ever since I can remember. Immersed in the studio, I feel energised surrounded by the tools and materials I’ve collected for making art. It’s the unlimited potential inherent in the creative process, the unknown, that I’m attracted to. For me, the most enjoyable part of painting isn’t what is planned but the surprise of what unfolds’.

Dan is based in Adelaide, South Australia where he lives with his family. He worked as a graphic designer and art director before embarking on a career as a freelance illustrator in 2000. Now painting and illustrating full-time, he has successfully exhibited in solo and group shows, and produced numerous works for both private and corporate collections. Working in a wide range of media, much of Dan’s work is inspired by his love and keen observation of nature.



Dan Tomkins. Gully Road III. 120 x 120. 2015
Gully Road | 120 x 120 cm
acrylics, enamel & pastel on canvas | $3,300


Dan Tomkins.Gully Road I. 120 x 120
 Gully Road II 120 x 120 cm
acrylics, enamel & pastel on canvas | $3,300


Dan Tomkins. Ginko tree II 120 x 120 cm
 Ginkgo Tree II 2016 | 120 x 120 cm
acrylic, enamel & pastels on canvas | $3,300


Dan Tomkins. Gully Road II. 120 x 120. 2015
 Gully Road III 2015 | 120 x 120 cm
acrylic, enamel & pastel on canvas | $3,300


Dan Tomkins. Weave II. 123 x 93cm
 Weave II 2015 | 123 x 93 | framed
acrylics , enamel & pastel on canvas | $2800


Ginko tree 160 x 12o cm
 Ginkgo Tree 2016 | 160 x 120 cm
acrylic , enamel & pastel on canvas
Price $3,900



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