JOSEPH WEIDENBAUM | New Relics | 23 May-6 June

Exhibition Opening Saturday 23 May 2-4 pm
Please  join us for a glass of wine!

mask 2 smallmask 3 small

The work is a series of sculptures /masks composed from vintage metal petrol funnels adorned with a variety of materials. Alongside these sit some larger 2 dimensional works also constructed from found materials.

As an artist, who is also a collector of vintage and historical objects, stemming from my own family’s history, I came across a small selection of vintage petrol funnels. I was struck by the form and primitive figurative shapes also by what they represented historically as used objects with their embedded memories.
As a 3rd generation holocaust descendant the themes in my work are often around transformation of the historical. What interests me is the objects and materials and the meaning they hold juxtaposed with what it could be now and in the future.
My father came to Australia when he was 17 as a refugee from war torn Europe upon the infamous ship The Dunera and then had to transform or recreate his world. In a sense, these are the themes that emerge somehow in all of my work.
I began the journey of seeking and collecting these petrol funnels with great fervour. Their conical shape was somehow suggestive of a camera lens, a periscope poking up and into the world and capturing and inhaling global situations. There was also a playful and definite human aspect to them that I was drawn to and the possibilities to create varying characters from these seemingly innate objects.
The process of transforming these forms into masks happened spontaneously in the studio and as I created one, the need to add more, almost like a family then became my purpose. Tribal masks are one of the first forms of Art as projections and expression of people and spirit created by ancient cultures. Subsequently these artefacts became the driving influence of the Cubists in the early 20th century who I admire and draw influences from as well.

As I created the masks something else happened. They became characters with their own unique traits and personalities. I began to see them as my quirky left of field friends part of a tribe with their own fictitious story’s to discover and unpack .

During the process I also asked friends to reflect on personality traits they saw and was amazed at the endless possibilities from different perspectives and viewpoints.

The themes in this sense are conscious and unconscious and much of the synthesis or understanding takes place after the creation as I am an artist that starts with materials and works intuitively. Somehow though the themes in my heritage, my culture and history return eternally. War Zones, refugees, the displaced, the old world meeting the new and how one forges their own identity combining these different aspects are some of the themes I grapple with here.

mask1_35 x 43 x 44_ croppedmask 4 small


ghost lines_840 x 1500_$2000_cropped


the silence_560 x 160_ $1900_cropped


night vision _500 x 900_cropped


yellow frequency_70 x 1.5_$1450_cropped





CLAY IN MOTION | KEEPING THE BALANCE  | group exhibition of ceramic works
Exhibition Opening Friday  1 May 6-8 pm. Join us for a glass of wine!

This is a biannual exhibition of Studio 32 artists. The Studio is run by multi-award winning sculptors Ingrid & Klaus Dusselberg.
‘KEEPING THE BALANCE’ has been this year’s theme and many meaningful interpretations can be seen in this show. Most artists are using clay for their work, however, there are some amazing mixed media pieces.

Participating Artists:  Anna Dixon, Anne Anderson, Ruth Oliver, Doreen Blankfield, Geula Kohn, Lynne Bechervaise, Ingrid & Klaus Dusselberg, Jenny Rankin, Kylie Castan, Suzi Jotwani, Sue McSheffery, Mandy Toniolo, Marian Bosch, Maree Broad, Monica Gehrt, Thomas McIver, Alexandra Obarzanek, Yinghong Li

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Jenny Rankin


 Sue Mcsheffery


 Ingrid Dusselberg


Klaus Dusselberg
Klaus Dusselberg


 Suzi Jotwani


marian bosch 3
 Marian Bosch


lynne 6
 Lynne Bechervaise


 Monika Gehrt


   Mandy Toniolo


Ruth Oliver
 Ruth Oliver


Jenny Rankin
 Jenny Rankin


SELVA VEERIAH | 11-29 April

Recent paintings | 
11-29 April 2015



Melbourne lawyer-turned-artist Selva Veeriah creates intuitively inspired soft abstract paintings.

Born in 1968, Selva was raised in Malaysia. As a teenager, he was passionate about studying fine arts and becoming a full-time painter. However, a certain life-changing event redirected him onto an entirely different path.

He was admitted as a barrister in the United Kingdom and practised in Malaysia for many years before emigrating to Australia in 2005. After almost two decades of working in different countries, he ultimately followed his heart and gave up his legal career to return to his first love.

Selva is mainly a self-taught painter. He is inspired by the philosophy that a quiet mind is the key to unalloyed happiness, and believes the simplest way to achieve this is to just ‘be’ yourself and allow life to unfold naturally.

His approach to creativity mirrors his perspective on life. He explains, “In making art, my role is simply to hold a brush to the canvas; creativity charts its own course. I start with a blank canvas and go with the flow, but truly the painting takes a life of its own. The colours and brushstrokes are chosen intuitively, without any preplanning or preconceptions about how the final painting might look. Inspired ideas bloom and take shape, as all necessary components come together one layer at a time. The hues, values, and composition are continually adjusted until the painting reaches a certain dynamic balance and feels complete.”

The outcomes of this intuitive process are paintings that embrace a mix of styles, but for the most part, lean towards organic shapes and earth tones that resemble naturalism. Selva’s artworks are colourful, decorative, and showcase a mix of detailed patterns with undertones of gestural abstraction. Some of his pieces are playful and charming.

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S159 small

Selva Veeriah. S154 small


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S163 small



S164 small

S166 small

S167 small









S167 small



Feature in Booroondara Progress Leader 21.04.2015

Progress Leader 21.04.2015

CALLY LOTZ | 14-28 February

CALLY LOTZ | Simply There 
14-28 February 2015

Exhibition Opening Saturday 14 February 2-4 pm
Join us for a glass of wine or soft drink!

Cally Lotz is a contemporary still life painter. She received a BVA (hons) from the University of South Africa, and has participated in over 20 group shows and 2 solo shows in South Africa, Germany, India and Australia. She has lived in Zimbabwe and South Africa, and is currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. Lotz was awarded a year’s residency at St Vincent’s where she is currently practising her art.

Her paintings are mostly oil on canvas and her signature work consists of contemporary still life that focuses on objects which are not urbane, packaged products for sale, but objects for focused consideration and meditation.

cally lotz portrait

Artist Statement

My paintings are meditative – both as process and as product. The concept of meditation is to slow things down, and that is my aim; to slow down the viewer’s eye, to share the experience that everyday objects become transfigured when looked at closely. The emphasis in this exhibition is not on the physicality of the objects themselves – there is no conscious intention of implying deeper symbolic meaning, but more of cultivating an awareness of the enigma that things exist. The visual world has always had a hypnotic effect on me, so it is only natural that an atmospheric kind of realism has eventually become my language of expression. An appreciation of the sustained power of observation is my mantra



Cloth on a Box | oil on canvas | $390

Bunch of Keys | 20 x 16 cm

 Coat Hanger | 80 x 65 cm

 Three Old Keys | 20 x 16 cm

 Key | 20 x 16 cm

 Keys & String | 20 x 16 cm


 Scissors | 20 x 16 cm

copper pipe
  Copper Pipe | 15 x 35 cm

open door
 Open Door | 15 x 35 cm

 Matchbox | 16 x 20 cm

 Scissors & String | 16 x 20 cm

 Spectacles | 16 x 20 cm

 Unraveling | 16 x 20 cm

 Yellow Table | 80 x 65 cm

 Cutlery | 20 x 16 cm

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