Art sale May 18

At BIRD’S GALLERY we are flying far and high and leaving
our gorgeous Kew space behind in order to have more time
& focus for our international travels, art residencies, curatorial
projects and pop-up events in Melbourne and Europe.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who has exhibited and
worked with us during these 18 years. It’s been an absolute
pleasure to meet you in person or online.

Thanks for your continuous support, which allows us to bring
you diverse and rich art and make it accessible locally and

Meanwhile we invite you to visit our Kew gallery and enjoy a
huge stockroom & studio ART SALE with up to 50% discount.
ART SALE will finish on Tuesday the 12 June at 5 pm.
Gallery Opening Hours:

Tuesday 10.30 am-6pm
Wednesday 10.30 am-6pm
Thursday 10.30 am-6pm
Friday 10.30 am-6pm
Saturday 10.30-5 pm

or by appointment
call mobile 0428 781 506

Hope to see you soon,
with much love , Brigita

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