MIN SIMANKEVICIUS “Burning Bush | Whispering Pines”

Exhibition date 14 May-1 June 2013
Opening Night Tuesday 14 May 6-8pm

Join us for a glass of wine!

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“Burning Bush evolved from a grey overcast day whilst trekking through the Cathedral Ranges where the underwhelming colour of the forest muted all colours into a grey nothingness, yet the out of this greyness, the bush seemed to speak to me and the few photographs that I took were the basis of the incredible colour versions you now see hanging on these walls.
The first image “Burning Bush” with its screaming red underlay manifested itself with every turn of the dial of my computer and eventually, a grey listless image was turned into the rich red burning bushland that is here. TWO weeks later, like some prophetic turn of the heavens, the Cathedral area and surrounding forest were seared and burnt down with the rage of the Black Saturday fires.
The other images evolved over time, the intent being to show the diversity of colour range that can be created using the language of our natural landscapes.
Whispering pines is part of the series, although shifting from gum forest to the dark old pine growths of western Victoria. Here again, from the shadowy images emerges a light and splendor of colour intermingled with the chaos of branches and pine needles.

  I use photography as a base for searching out painterly aspects of the images captured via a lens, I refer it as painting with light.”


Min Simankevicius

I began working with photographic images around 2002.

Having only a small 3.1 megapixel camera (an early Sony cybershot with a generous lens), I found that the amount of detail in one image was far from enough, and as it was an auto exposure, it would expose for either the bright or the dark in a scene and kill the opposite. So I began to take individual pictures of the one scene, exposing for the relevant light .

My first completed image was of the Oyster Shack at Pambula inlet which comprised of over 120 images which were carefully stitched by hand over the next 3 nights. A remarkable image (over 2.4metres long) of sharp detail resulted (see below) and this began a passion for large formatted images of our wonderful Australian landscape. In particular, my attention was drawn to non-commercial and non-stereotypical scenes, quiet and reflective ideas, our wonderful gum trees and how they fit into our environment, built and natural.


KYOKO IMAZU “Adore” 23 April-11 May 2013

“Adore” exhibition will feature recent works on paper by Melbourne based Japanese artist KYOKO IMAZU.
She will be exhibiting her  etchings, aquatints, artist books and paper cut works.
As a child in central Japan, Kyoko Imazu drew animals like rabbits, rats, cats and birds for her mother. Animals continue to dominate her art practice; her works on paper are inspired by taxidermied animals in the collections of the Melbourne Museum and the Tokyo Nature and Science Museum — and by her own cat, Rachel.
Adore is Kyoko’s investigation into her fixation with the animal kingdom and how recording and interpreting it evoke memories from her childhood

Exhibition Opening  Tuesday 23 April  at 7pm.  Please join us for a glass of wine!
Exhibition to be opened by JAZMINA CININAS, Artist and Lecturer in Printmaking  at RMIT.

Click here to view her work

NIKAI VAN GARDEREN “Winter Skies” new paintings

Winter Skies 14 February-2 March 2013
Exhibition Opening
Thursday 14 February at 6.30pm

An exploration of southern skies in winter; dark and ominous clouds that hang low set against blue skies and shafts of golden light that break through.


My work is an exploration of light and dark and the space that exists between actual and perceived. I seek to capture the glorious tumult of life; the natural landscape continues to provide the perfect muse for this. Being both so threatened and formidable it becomes a perfect tool to display my inner thoughts and reflections on what it is to be human. I see myself in turbulent skies, dark and confused forests or sunny hillsides.



2010 “Hollows and Horizons”, Solo show, 4walls Gallery, Melbourne

2010 “Land Sea and Sky” group show, Greenwood Gallery

2010  “6”,group show ,Collingwood Gallery

2009 “Natural Selection”, group show, Greenwood gallery.

2008 “Introduction”, preented by Joseph Marzi, Greenwood Gallery

2008 “Scura”, Solo exhibition, Glitch Gallery Melbourne.

2008 “Tempus” with Daniel Rigos, Port Art Melbourne

2007 “Arcadia, Eden and 10 k’s out of Bendigo”, solo show, Birds Gallery, Kew, Melbourne

2007 Group exhibition, 45 Downstairs, Melbourne

2006 Group exhibition, Pivotal Galleries, Melbourne

2005 Sophia Mundi Art Prize, Melbourne

2004 The ANL Art Prize, Melbourne

2003 The ANL Art Prize, Melbourne

1999-2003 Regularly exhibiting banners and street art in Melbourne

1997-1998 Charles st, Melbourne (private showing with Josef Marzi)

1995 Solo exhibition, Polymorph Galleries, Newtown, Sydney

1994 Group exhibition, The Gunnery, Woolloomooloo, Sydney

1993 Group exhibition, 10 Taylor Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney

1992 Cell Block Gallery NASA, Darlinghurst, Sydney

1991 Cell Block Gallery NASA, Darlinghurst, Sydney



Glenaeon Rudolph Steiner School

-          Art

-          Photography

-          Ceramics/pottery


National Arts School of Australia

Major – Painting

Minor – Sculpture


Chris Van Otterloo

-          Etching technique



David Hatton

-          Watercolor

-          Pastels


Jeff Makin

-   Life drawing



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