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At BIRD’S GALLERY we are flying far and high and leaving
our gorgeous Kew space behind in order to have more time
& focus for our international travels, art residencies, curatorial
projects and pop-up events in Melbourne and Europe.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who has exhibited and
worked with us during these 18 years. It’s been an absolute
pleasure to meet you in person or online.

Thanks for your continuous support, which allows us to bring
you diverse and rich art and make it accessible locally and

Meanwhile we invite you to visit our Kew gallery and enjoy a
huge stockroom & studio ART SALE with up to 50% discount.
ART SALE will finish on Tuesday the 12 June at 5 pm.
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Tuesday 10.30 am-6pm
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Saturday 10.30-5 pm

or by appointment
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Hope to see you soon,
with much love , Brigita

Abstract Lands | Group show

ABSTRACT LANDS  group show 
Until 5th April 2018

This group show explores our perceptions
of the land and place through various abstract
and figurative symbols and expressions.


Petra Kleinherne Resume

Maze 2017, oil on canvas, 150 x 100 cm
Maze, 2017 | size  150 x 100 cm
oil on linen | Price $2,350.


Kneeling figure, 2016, mixed media on linen, 35 x 35 cm
Kneeling Figure, 2016 | mixed media on linen
size 35 x 35 cm | Price $800.


Landscape, 2015, mixed media on linen, 35 x 35 cm
 Landscape, 2015 | mixed media on linen
size 35 x 35 cm | Price $800.


 IAN NAPIER (Melbourne)
Ian Napier. Turning Left. 97x121 small
Turning Left | Acrylics on canvas | 97 x 121 cm
Price $3,500.

Ian Napier. Waterfront. 76x96cm small
 Waterfront | acrylics on canvas | 76 x 96 cm
Price $1,950.

Ian Napier. Faces Going Places. 96 x 75.5 small
 Faces Going Places 1993 | acrylics
on canvas | 96 x 75.5 cm | Price $3,000


JODIE FLUGGE (Melbourne)

40 small
 Untitled painting 11 | oil, pencils, crayon on linen
size 97 x 92 cm | Price $1,450.


untitled 6
Untitled 6 | oil, pastels, collage on cotton voile
Size 68 x 63 cm | Price $990 framed


untitled 10
Untitled Painting 1o
oil, pastels, crayon on cotton
size 140 x 80 cm Price $2,200.



Still Life in a Landscape
Still Life in a Landscape | oil on canvas
size 92 x 122 cm | Price $1,950.

Sweet Lamentation | oil on canvas
size 60 x 40 cm | Price $800.

Landscape Reconstructed | oil on canvas
size 60 x 40 cm | Price $800

An Ode to Happier times
 An Ode to Happier Times | Oil on canvas
size 60 x 40 cm | Price $800.

memory lapse
  Memory Lapse | oil on canvas
size 60 x 40 cm | Price $800


Block houses small
Block House I  | oil on canvas | 40 x 50 cm | $650.


Block houses II small
Block House I  | oil on canvas | 40 x 50 cm | $650.

Windows small
 Windows | oil on canvas | 50 x 60 cm | $700.


Catamarans small
 Catamarans | oil on canvas | 30 x 30 cm | $220.


Water Bike small
 Water Bicycle | oil on canvas | 40 x 40 cm | $500.




Work 13
Lillies | oil on canvas | size 13 x 13 |  SOLD


Bath Tub small
 Bath Tub | oil on canvas | 30 x 40 cm | $460.


Winter Landscape small
Winter Landscape | oil on canvas| 40 x 50 cm |$680.


Beloruss small
 Tractors | oil on canvas | 24 x 30 cm | $170.

Beloruss 2 small
Beloruss | oil on canvas |
30 x 20 cm | $180.

Lizabeth Souness | A Sense of Place


A Sense of Place | 7 April- 5 May 2018
Exhibition Opening Saturday 7th April 2-4 pm.
Join us for opening drinks with the artist !

View all  paintings
Lizabeth Souness Pricelist

2018-02-07 17.48.26

Artist Statement

My current body of work is a tribute to the land and place I call home. It is here that I am able to breathe and feel alive.  Inspiration comes from my rural environment at Bungowannah where the ever changing seasons influence the visual splendor of the Murray River as it meanders along the NSW and Victorian border.

Working in my studio painting and drawing imagery that is gathered from my observations and experiences whilst living and working on my family’s property are part of my everyday art practice. I enjoy exploring the bush and open farmlands, hills, gullies, tree lines and water courses making quick sketches as I go.  Glimpses of scenery are broken down, reworked and transformed into shapes, patterns, varied textures and mark making forming the base for my reconstructed landscapes.

My art is how I connect emotionally, spiritually and physically with the world. I am compelled to express and interpret what I see. In the act of creating I feel a sense of calm and find peace.


Lizabeth Souness was born in 1969 in Victoria. She has lived in many parts of Australia including Tasmania, the Pilbara in Western Australia and now the Riverina in NSW.  Understandably the various characteristics of every landscape have left an indelible imprint on her psyche which in turn affects her paintings.

Predominantly a contemporary painter, she describes her work as a form of abstracted record keeping and story telling.

Recognised as being gifted at an early age she was accepted into the special arts program for gifted and talented at the well respected Applecross SHS in Perth Western Australia.

Completing her formal art studies in 2013, she has since participated in artist workshops with Idris Murphy, Jo Davenport and Linda Fish.

Recently, Lizabeth was a selected finalist in the 2017, 70th Mosman Art Prize judged by Kirsten Paisley, Deputy Director of the National Gallery of Australia.

Lizabeth exhibits regularly and her works are held in corporate and private collections.

When Spring meets Summer. 101.6 x 101.6

Daydream Believer

Splitters Creek - Downhill Run II

Splitters Creek - Downhill Run III

The Trees Can Sing VI

The Trees Can Sing IV

The Trees Can Sing III

The Trees Can Sing I

Selva Veeriah | 9-26 November

9-26 November 2017 
Exhibition Opening Saturday 11 November
2-4 pm. Join us for opening drinks !
View exhibition paintings

Selva I S233 (2016) AOC  51x51x3.8 small

Born 1968, Malaysia

Selva Veeriah is a self-taught abstract painter living and working in Melbourne for the past decade. He was born in Penang and grew up in the rich tradition of a Malaysian-Indian heritage. He left a career in law to follow his childhood passion for painting.

The body of work –  which comprises paintings, musings, and poems – questions whether the human experience is objectively real or merely an illusion of the mind. The colourful and playful artworks capture moments in time along the inward journey. Selva’s works are exhibited regularly and held in private collections.

 Artist Statement

‘My work is directed at the perennial conundrum “Who am I?” in the context of my own existence and experiences. With each introspection, I delve a little deeper into the nature of consciousness, mind, and ego. The resulting insights peel away misconceptions and increase inner peace.’

Jodie Flugge | (un)expecting the (un)known

JODIE FLUGGE | (un)expecting the (un)known
19 October-4 November
Exhibition Opening Saturday 21st October 2-4 pm
Join us for Opening Drinks with the artist.

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CV & Artist Statement

collage 17

collage 4

collage 12

collage 19

collage 2


Lanterns 6

Lanterns 2


Lanterns 4


TomboyBill | 28 September -14 October

TomboyBill | offcut
28 September-14 October

Exhibition Opening Saturday
30 September 2-4 pm

Artist Bio

View works

Head In The Clouds Again (daily life can be such a yawn small

Self Portrait If I Were A Half-Cat small

The Sometimes Disposition small

u do u don't i do, u don't small

My Lips Got Burnt Today small



TomboyBill reflects on life after taking a leap of faith from the comfortable life of

a commercial artist, to the uneasy, introspective life of the fine artist.

‘Living as a fine artist is proving to be quite a challenge. Finding the solitude,

stillness and detachment which is necessary for my work, can also leave me feeling

disconnected and cut off from the daily routine of the world. As challenging as this is,

I’m beginning to see that this is how it has to be, for my work to progress…”

And so it is in TomboyBill’s latest series of works offcut. which uses left over materials and offcuts that would otherwise have been discarded, to explore the meaning of a self-imposed physical and emotional detachment from the conventional norms of work and life.  In using materials for some greater purpose, we always leave something behind. These scraps are inevitably seen as waste, as not having any value. In fact, they are seen as an unavoidable cost. But the question is why? What happens if we challenge the nomological validity of this idea? What happens when we value the offcut, not just because it can be reused or repurposed, but because it is necessary for the greater purpose? In the same way, the artist’s detachment and discontent can be reappraised – not as being in conflict with monotony of the daily grind, but as being complementary and essential. Every action has a reaction. The artist needs to have a certain distance from the world in order to explore it, and in a sense we need the artist to feel – and be – disconnected so that we can be surprised and excited by a view of ourselves we’ve never seen before. The offcut, then becomes vital and necessary.
TomboyBill’s offcut. series challenges us to look at things differently. There is a sense of vulnerability and rawness throughout the artworks. We feel the artist’s personal journey. This work goes beyond the idea of finding a hidden beauty and value in the unloved, discarded and the abandoned, instead arguing that these things have an innate, intrinsic value.

Veronica Cay | Folly of Angels

VERONICA CAY |  Folly of Angels
drawings & sculptures
2-23 September 2017

Exhibition Opening Saturday 2nd of September 2-4 pm.
Join us for opening drinks with the artist.
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9_astrongbrew copy

Artist Statement:

These latest group of sculptures, are experimental and like previous work acknowledge my textile/embroidery background. For me it is this combination of textile practices ie wrapping, stitching and collaging onto the clay that adds to the richness and variety of surface; providing visual reference points and a familiarity for the viewer sometimes enabling new understandings, evoking memory and forging a new dialogue.

My drawings and sculptures are a vehicle to reflect upon what it is to be human; seeking connections, testing resilience, acknowledging frailties – hence the importance of life drawing to my practice and the endless possibilities presented within this paradigm. The origins of the characters that populate my work all begin during life drawing sessions. Sometimes I will be very excited when I finish a drawing knowing that I have something to build on – other times I come away feeling very dejected that I haven’t managed to capture a fleeting look or form. My studio is littered with this detritus – but it is this very existence that generates the next image.

I am not particularly interested in an academic transcription – drawings that I love describe a feeling, evoke a response or excite the imagination I want there to be a conversation about what is happening below the surface (real or imagined) – the body experienced from within and definitely not as object to be critically viewed and perhaps improved upon.  Beauty radiates irrespective of the age or gender of the model.

Time spent in the life drawing studio is slowed – it allows a space for gentle observations and connections to be made; journeying through a human landscape – a stilled life – a distilled experience that is offered/proffered by the model. And as Malbert says ‘there are things that can be said about the human condition in a drawing that cannot be expressed in any other way’ (1)

My drawings and sculptures form the basis of a much larger conversation; experienced through marks revealed across the surface, utterances that can be swift and staccato in sound and rhythm or fluid and generous in their tone and substance and form.

  1. Robert Malbert, Drawing People – the human figure in contemporary art, Phaidon Press 2015 page 10

10_foldedliesII small

INKT group show 17-31 August

The Artists of INKT Group
17-31 August, 2017
Amanda Lugg, Fay Abromwich,
Jeremy Boland, Pamela Dempster, Sophie Riviere-Verninas
Exhibition Opening Saturday 19 August 2-4 pm
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the musician

‘We are a Group of Melbourne Artists who formed a strong bond in our years as students in the Printmaking Studio while studying for our Diploma of Visual Arts .
Our art practice is as varied as we are, and demonstrates the unlimited ways in which printmaking methods and practices can inspire each of us to create wonderful images.
Expressing our creations with linocut and drypoint etching, our work describes the many ways in which our world becomes manifest.  All of our works are printed on archival paper using either oil or water based inks.

As well as Works on Paper, Amanda includes handmade books. Her artwork is inspired by “the great fortune to have a garden which attracts a number of Australian native birds, and so I felt that an “ABC” book of Australian birds would be a good way to address the gap I had identified. From that point, the study of birds in the garden, the finding of feathers, the examination of other avian images filled my mind, and enabled me to produce a variety of images.”

Jeremy states that his “prints and paintings are presented as scenes or representations of ideas in realistic or semi-realistic ways, attempting to tell a story or explain an idea with each piece. Utilizing composition of light and shadow and perspective. My art is a personal reflection of my own experiences as also a way to deal with life’s problems. Light and shadow a predominant themes in my work. Many of my pieces capture moments in time, carrying layers of meaning.”

 Pamela explores Modernist influences, Sophie presents her sensitive images of the human condition on both paper and ceramics and Fay’s ‘Abstractions’ explore the universal shapes of circles, triangles and square, with some pieces being embellished with stitching and hand colouring.’   Artist Fay Abromwich


Jeremy (3)

Jeremy (4)

Jeremy (5)




Amanda 1

amanda 3

amanda 4



Fay (1)

Fay (10) - Copy











Fay (11)


Fay (7)



Sophie (1)

Sophie (5)

Sophie (4)

Sophie (2)




Pamela (9)

Pamela (6)

Pamela (7)

Pamela (8)


Progress Leader 21.04.2015

BE AS YOU ARE  11-25 April  2015
“Progess Leader” Booroondara  April 2015

SALLY STOKES | Moods of the River

SallyStokes newspaper
“Progress Leader” Booroondara 14 February 2017

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